Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beauty Squared Round-Up - September 23

Here are the links we've gathered up for you this week! Scroll though and enjoy all the interwebs had to offer up beauty-wise this week....

Some great hairstyle ideas for you curly-headed folks.

Rumour has it that when Burberry asked Adele to model some of their clothing, she asked them to first design a plus-size line.

The style evolution of Sophia Loren. 

27 ideas for awesome accent nails. 

Can candy-coloured hair look expensive?

New York Fashion Week's Spring/Summer 2013 season saw more models of colour than ever before. Let's hope this isn't just a fleeting trend.

In South Korea, it's actually becoming expected for men to use skin perfecting makeup. Can this trend be coming to North America to? 

GPS shoes that can guide you home. 

Is grey hair really caused by stress?

Some makeup dos and don'ts from Pixiwoo. 

How many of these beauty myths do you believe?

butter LONDON's waterless pedicure!

Looking for vegan beauty products? Here are some picks from

New York Fashion Week as seen on Instagram.

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