Wednesday, December 19, 2012

MAC Forever Marilyn The Perfect Cheek, Beauty Powder and Love Goddess Lipstick Review and Swatches

The MAC Forever Marilyn collection sold out pretty quickly, and I was lucky enough to get what I wanted from it, thanks to Jill!

Only three items, but it turns out I chose well because they're all great products. And the packaging! Oh, the packaging! For sure, this is why the collection sold out so quickly. Each box and the packaging of the makeup itself has a black & white photo of Marilyn Monroe posing in a top hat and her signature in cherry red written on top along with the MAC logo.

First up, Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder. MAC's Beauty Powders are "a silky-soft 'beauty' powder that's delicately tinted and luxuriously pearl. Goes on as an ultra-fine shimmering 'veil' to the skin. Can be applied as a highlight, soft blush or overall finish."

A kiss from Marilyn on the inside flap of the box.

The Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder comes in a shiny black compact with a mirror, for touch-ups on the go. No brush or sponge is included. The photo of Marilyn which appeared on the box is also on the compact. Totally glam!

Forever Marilyn is described as a sheer pale peach highlighter and is intended to give you that Marilyn porcelain glow. You can use it as a highlighter or as a finishing powder all over your face.

On my skin (NW15), it is very soft, very pretty, a little chalky and a little shimmery. This is a good finishing powder and light highlighter for fair skin types but on darker skin tones it might look chalky and pale. 

I wear it as a finishing powder when I want to have that glowing, powdered look, a la the 1950s film starlet. I've also brushed it along the tops of my cheekbones for a very soft highlight.

Here's The Perfect Cheek Powder Blush. Also in shiny black packaging with a black & white photo of Marilyn. This same photo is on the blush packaging as well.

The Perfect Cheek is described as a neutral pink beige and has a matte texture. Jill said this "I think you do want The Perfect Cheek, it's a great neutral cheek colour and is so handy when you want to balance out dark eyes or lips. It also works great as a contour. Trust me on this one, I'm buying 2 for myself."

I've worn The Perfect Cheek as a blush and as contour colour. As a blush and as a contour colour it's very subtle, and very sophisticated on me. The colour is warm enough on me to give me some colour, though I often layer a brighter colour on top (as in the photos of me below). With smoky eyes, it's the perfect amount of colour on the cheeks.

And finally, one of the four gorgeous Forever Marilyn lipsticks - Love Goddess. Love Goddess is described as a brightened pink-red with a satin finish. It is GORGEOUS.

The packaging is also a shiny black with a black and white photo of Marilyn and the red signature and MAC logo. This is a sleeve that slides off revealing a standard MAC lipstick box underneath.

The tube itself also has the photo and red script on it. LOVE!

Love Goddess swatched on NW15 skintone
Here it is on me. Love Goddess is a very pretty, bright pink-red and a sheen when first applied but matte otherwise. In the photos below I'm also wearing The Perfect Cheek under a brighter matte pink blush. I have Love Goddess lipstick on and I have Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder dusted all over my face.

It goes on very smoothly and easily and isn't drying at all. Here are some iPhone photos of me wearing it. I love this colour. It makes me feel like a movie star! It's a little softer than a true red lip but still plenty bold, ladylike and glam.

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