Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - April 14, 2013

Here are the clickable links we've gathered for your reading pleasure this week! 

Do you have fair skin? A sensitive complexion? Rosacea? You've probably got redness to your complexion. Beautylish has some tips for dealing with redness, here

YSL's new tie-dye nail polish. I have yet to see any swatches of this but hmmm, I'm intrigued!

China Glaze has a new iPhone app that promises to match anything that you photograph with one of their polishes.

Makeup artist Sharon Farrell does a video tutorial in which she shows off her skill at doing all of her favorite makeup pet peeves.

Dita von Teese apparently spends only 20 minutes getting ready. Click here to read how she manages it.

For some reason, it's still being discussed whether short hair is sexy or not. Sigh...really? But here's a Buzzfeed story showing models with short hair being sexy. 

UK retailer, Debenham's summer 2013 lookbook features men and women who you don't typically see modelling, including women over 40, over 6 foot, under 5 foot, plus-sizes, and Paralympian Stefanie Reed.  

Barbie takes off her makeup and still looks good. Shocking? Not really.

A contouring and highlighting cheatsheet from The Beauty Department.

The meaning of eyeliner on Mad Men. Oh, the glorious detail of this show!

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