Monday, April 8, 2013

FOTD: 1960s, Mod and Twiggy

When did I flashback to the 60s?

Mad Men's season 6 premiered last night and with Don Draper and his advertising gang and their cohorts well into the groovy, colourful, political 1960s, I thought I'd do a 60s-inspired FOTD in honour of my favourite style and culture decade.

My muse was Twiggy, that doe-eyed, pixie-cut, English supermodel whose gamine look became the style hallmark of the decade. 

Twiggy's look was all about the eyes. The larger the better, with false eyelashes, painted-on lower lashes and an exaggerated crease line. This made the eyes look doll-like and gave her an enhanced look of innocence. 

The preview photos I've seen for the new season of Mad Men show the female characters with distinctly 60s eye makeup, particularly young and stylish Megan (Jessica Paré) and newly single and new ad agency partner Joan (Christina Hendricks). 

I should also mention that fashion designer Lily Pullitzer passed away yesterday and I have one of her dresses. It's a very 60s A-line style shift dress in navy with pink embroidered circles all over it. I thought it'd be apropos to wear it while being having my makeup photographed. You can see a little of it in the shots below.

This look was fairly simple and quick to do. I used no liquid eyeliner which helped to lighten the eye look, but you can feel free to add a line of liquid liner across the top lashline when you recreate this on yourself - because you totally want to, right?

Megalashes, right? I felt like Bambi when I blinked. 

Super subtle crease contour!

How to get the look:

1. If you have oily skin or plan to wear this look for a long time, apply a primer to your skin. Use an eye primer on your lids. 

2. Apply a natural-looking base. Twiggy's skin was always very natural. I used a BB cream, concealer under my eyes and on any red areas and powdered to set.

3. With an eyeshadow brush, apply a very pale cream eyeshadow to your lids, focusing on the lid and on the browbone. I used MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. The 60s look used a matte white but you can use something with a bit of shimmer and more beige, as I did. The cream colour acts as a base. 

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
4. With a clean eyeshadow brush, apply a light champagne-white power eyeshadow to your lids and browbone, on top of the cream colour. I used a combination of MAC Phloof! and MAC White Frost (more of the former, a touch of the latter). Don't be afraid to go a little heavy. You want your eye area to be very light-coloured. Also run the brush along your lower lashline, completely encircling your eye with the light colour. 

MAC Phloof! and MAC White Frost
5. With a tapered crease brush, apply a warm, soft matte beige colour to your crease, very softly. This step is to create a line for your dark colour to follow. Blend to soften and reapply as needed for a soft shadow line. The crease line will be from the inside of your eye to the outside of your eye. I used this shade below, MAC Wild By Heart. You can see the beige line in the close-up photos of my eyes above.

MAC Wild By Nature
5. With an angle brush (MAC's 266 is good) apply a thin line with a matte dark grey or black shadow, following the beige line you just drew. I used a combination of this purpley-grey (MAC To the Ball) and MAC Nehru (a bluish black). Go slowly and carefully with this step as you want to draw as perfect and as thin a line as possible. 

MAC To the Ball

MAC Nehru
 6. With the same brush you used to apply the beige line, blend out the darker line, very softly. You want the line to be distinct. This isn't a subtle crease shadow. Go back with the angle brush if you need to and blend again, if you need to.

7. With the angle brush, smudge the same dark shadow along your lashline. If you'd like to use a liquid liner, this is where you'd apply it. 

8. Curl your lashes. 

9. Apply false lashes to your top lids and lower-lash false lashes to your lower lids. I used MAC lashes but I don't know what they're called as there's no number on either of these. If you get a full-set of dramatic lashes for the top and a piecey set like those pictured below for your lower lashes, you'll be just fine. I used Duo lash glue to apply them. Twiggy used to paint on her lower lashes, so if you want to try that, go right ahead! And if you'd like to use more dramatic lashes than I did, feel free to as well.

False lashes - top

False lashes - lower
10. Apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. This is simply to blend your lashes with the falsies. My lashes are almost blonde, so it helps for me to apply mascara to hide them. Apply more dark shadow to your top lashline, if needed.

11. Use a white or skin-tone eyeliner pencil to line your waterline. In the photos of Twiggy above you can see she did this all the time. It enhances the whites of your eyes and makes them look bigger. I used Benefit Eye Bright.

12. My brows are quite a bit thicker and darker than Twiggy's were and they don't suit this look, which is all about the eyes. All I did was comb through some of the Benefit Eye Bright to try to make them look lighter in colour. If your brows are light, simply comb them and apply some brow gel as needed. If they're dark you may want to lighten them by applying a light eyebrow pencil or eyeliner to them.

13. Apply a very natural neutral pink-beige blush to your cheeks, very sparingly. Twiggy's skin was always very natural, so this step is only as needed. The focus is all on the eyes in this look. I used MAC's The Perfect Cheek and a large, fluffy brush brush to apply it just to my cheekbones. Just a whisper of colour was needed as I'm quite fair.

MAC The Perfect Cheek
14. Lip colour. Use a creamy peachy or pinky shade. Use a lip pencil if you need to or apply concealer to your lips to completely cancel out their natural colour. You want the lips to almost disappear, so the eyes can be the focus. I used OCC Lip Tar in Hush on top of a concealer.

OCC Lip Tar in Hush

Groovy, baby!

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  1. This is a great look on you! I love the Twiggy look with the liner in the crease and adding bottom lashes :)