Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pari Beauty Mineral Glow: Review, Photos and Swatches

We're all looking for a healthy glow, no matter our skintone and skin type, how much sleep we get or how much time we spend outside. I may have something that will do the trick for most of us!

Pari Beauty was kind enough to send us their 2013 summer collection recently. One of the items they sent was their Mineral Glow loose powder.

Here's what Pari Beauty has to say about their Mineral Glow:

This lightweight powder provides a healthy, natural glow to the skin while perfecting flaws and balancing out uneven skin tones. This micro-fine mineral powder is made from all natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances or other chemicals. Has sun protective properties and is water-resistant to provide protection while you swim. 

$22 CDN for 12 g/.42 oz.

I wish that the sun-protection properties were specified, but there's not even an SPF label on the packaging.

Mineral Glow comes in three shades, though I am not sure how they are named. 
Why no names or colour descriptions? Comparing the one I received with the ones on the Pari Beauty website and believe this one is the lightest of the three available.

It's a warm beige shade and since it's a loose powder, it goes on pretty sheer.

I have been wearing Mineral Glow as a setting powder for my concealer and foundation or as a finishing powder for the past five days and I am IMPRESSED. My skin is combination, with an oily t-zone and normal cheeks. Even with a primer, my nose and forehead are shiny within a few hours, and even though I wear foundation and/or concealer over the pink of my nose and the areas next to my nose, by midday, the pink is showing through. I've never found anything that kept the oil and redness at bay that wasn't really heavy and thick. 

I'm picky. I want my day makeup to be light and natural, not high maintenance! 

Somehow, incredibly, Mineral Glow keeps my makeup looking 90% perfect ALL DAY. It's amazing. I've tried it with a primer + BB cream underneath, primer + concealer, primer + BB cream mixed with a bit of concealer or foundation and my skin looks almost perfect all day. There's still some shine, but no redness! Not even after doing yoga at lunchtime at the office. I am astounded. I never would've guessed that something this sheer and light would make all the difference that so many products have not. 

When first applied, Mineral Glow is very light. It adds a hint of colour and a slight glow to the skin. I like that it warms up my skin slightly, since my face and throat are not the same colour. And it's nice to have a warm glow in the summertime anyway, especially if your skin has its own shine, like mine does.

Here are some shots of me wearing Mineral Glow. Underneath it, I've got on some Benefit Porefessional primer, a combination of Garnier's BB cream and some Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation and a touch of Vasanti liquid concealer over the redder areas.

On me, this shade is almost like a light bronzer as it makes me look a little sunkissed. And it doesn't take away my natural skin texture or tone. It still looks natural and healthy with a slight sheen. One detractor is that because of it's shimmery properties, it does enhance some of the small bumps I have on my skin (see my chin area in the below photo). But really, my skin is shiny on its own, so with or without Mineral Glow on, those bumps will be more visible.

I would like to have a Mineral Glow that was translucent or at least a closer shade to my natural skintone so that I can wear it year round. I don't know if I'll be able to wear this during the winter but I want to! It just works so well to keep my makeup looking the way I want it!

I can't vouch for Mineral Glow's sun protection capabilities since it'd be difficult to apply it substantially enough to act as a sunscreen. I wouldn't depend on it for that at all, and don't recommend anyone do that. But it's easy to apply, and looks beautiful on the skin. And its unexpected ability to make my makeup last and last and last is just off the charts for me. I'm in awe!

So thumbs up for application, appearance and longevity. Thumbs down for misleading labelling (sun protection factor) and having so few shades. I wish I could give it an A, but I can't. You just can't mess around with sun protection.

Grade: B


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