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Pari Beauty Summer 2013 Lip Paints in Love Bite, Doll Me Up and Skinny Dip: Reviews and Swatches

Pari Beauty recently sent some of their Summer 2013 collection to Beauty Squared. Shame on us for being mostly through summer before letting you know about them! 

Part of Pari Beauty's Summer 2013 collection are their Lip Paints, brand new to the product line-up and bang on the liquid lipstick/pigmented gloss trend.

Here's what Pari's website says about their Lip Paints:

This luxuriously smooth, full-coverage lip colour is intensely pigmented and provides bold, long lasting colour that leaves lips with a lavish shine. Glides on creamy, with the weightless texture of gloss and has the long lasting vibrant finish of a lipstick. This comfortable formula moisturizes and nourishes lips. It is infused with antioxidant extracts while stimulating the synthesis of collagen for fuller smoother lips.

The Lip Paints are Love Bite (true red), Doll Me Up (fuchsia) and Skinny Dip (rose pink).

Here's a few photos of the packaging, including the ingredients listing for those of you who like to know what you're putting on your skin.

And swatches of the three on skintone NW15. 

L-R: Doll Me Up, Skinny Dip, Love Bite
Let's look at Love Bite first. 

Packaging for the Lip Paints are standard lip gloss packaging. Long and a good weight, easy to hold in your hand. 

The wands are a bit different than what I'm used to with lip glosses or even more pigmented lip products such as the Lip Paints. The applicators are quite wide and flexible, which struck me as odd. With such a pigmented product, I want a small applicator surface that's easy to control. 

I opted to use the applicators to do my swatching to test this theory. I found myself using just the tip and going very slowly. Otherwise I'd look like the Joker.

Love Bite applicator

Love Bite swatched
I like the texture of Love Bite. As you can see in the swatch above, there's sheerness to it. But this isn't a sheer lip product, it's very pigmented. Love Bite is a touch on the dry side, which makes it easier to control when you apply it - thumbs up! 

Here it is on me. You can tell it was a bit of a challenge for me to apply since I "go outside the lines a bit". Still it's a great red. 

I'd say this would be an easier red to wear than say a matte blue-red lipstick, simply because it's got some sheen and lightness to it.

I wish these were easier to apply though. If I wear any of these Lip Paints again, I'll be using a lip brush to apply them, and maybe a lip pencil. 

Here's Skinny Dip.

Same packaging comments apply here. 

Here it is swatched. Skinny Dip is the most wearable shade, the most natural gloss-like colour of the three. 

Skinny Dip swatched

It's still highly pigmented, but due to the MLBB colour and glossiness, it's almost natural on me. Skinny Dip is more forgiving application-wise but you can see in my application, it's still a little "outside the lines".

On olive skintones, this would be a pink-nude and on darker skintones, this could be worn almost like just a gloss. It veers on the warm side and is very wearable.

And finally, Doll Me Up:

Comments on packaging and applicator apply here as well.

Oh dear, this is going to be messy, isn't it? Darned wobbly applicator wand!

Doll Me Up swatched
Ah, bright pink, yes we're good friends. But this version, I'm not that enamoured of. I don't like the almost metallic sheen it has on my lips. Great colour but I'd like it better without the sheen. 

Another note on the consistency of the product. Unlike OCC's Lip Tars, the Pari Lip Paints are quite dry, almost like an oil paint. OCC's Lip Tars are much more liquid. I find with the OCC Lip Tars, if a hair gets caught in it, it'll streak along my cheek or if I purse my lips or eat before it sets, it can get messy. With the drier Lip Paints, there's less chance of making a mess. 

The scent of these is vanilla (I think). It's sweet-smelling and pleasant, not overpowering. These each lasted about three hours on me and after that, it was mostly a stain effect left behind, looking pretty good for a few more hours. Doll Me Up and Love Bite lasted longer than Skinny Dip just because they're brighter colours.

Overall I like this product. In the future I will apply them with a lip brush. I found the applicators too challenging to work with. The pigmentation is great, they cover very well and they wear well. This is a great option if you want a lip product that'll give good colour and last.  

Grade: B

The Pari Beauty Lip Paints retail for $14 CDN each and are available online at PariBeauty.com and at Sears stores. 


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