Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - November 10, 2013

Hello lovelies! Have you done your Sephora VIB shopping yet? (VIB's are those who spend $350 or more each year at Sephora).Today's the last day, so get online or get to a store and snap up that wishlist while it's 20% off. 

OK, now that that PSA is done with, let's take a look at all the beauty-related links we've gathered for your interest this week. There's some good 'uns in here:

  • Speaking of Sephora...this week they pulled one of Kat Von D's lipsticks off their shelves and website after backlash from customers over the name "Celebutard". Short-sighted on the part of Kat Von D and Sephora not to anticipate the response, in my opinion!
  • Glamour has a round-up of their picks for the best beauty trends from Spring Fashion Week 2014. 
  • Revlon responds to the charge that they are selling products that contain cancer-causing ingredients while branding themselves as supporters of breast cancer research. Revlon says the charges are "misleading".
  • A DIY dry shampoo - rice flour - and tips for how to use it for perfect results!
  • Speaking of powder, here are some things you may be doing wrong when you use face powder in your makeup routine. 
  • 23 Amazing Budget Beauty Buys from Many of these are American, but keep a list for the next time you go cross-border shopping!
  • MUA extraordinaire, James Vincent, chooses his favourite cult red lipsticks
  • Are you guilty of any of these bad skin habits?
  • Sam from Pixiwoo talks about five common makeup mistakes - too dark brows, using the wrong foundation, etc - and how to fix them.
That's it for this week! Hope you've enjoyed (and learned something)!


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