Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - November 17, 2013

Hello lovelies! It's time again for the weekly Beauty Squared Round-Up. This week has quite a bit of interesting, helpful and exciting links for you, so let's not delay any longer...

  • First up, Jennifer Lawrence. I have a big, old girl crush on this gal. She cut her hair off into a great pixie cut and is experimenting with new looks (as I think we all do when we change up our hair dramatically). Check out this dramatic, vampy look that we haven't seen her do before. Thoughts? 
  • Speaking of drama, here's a way of getting a bit into your daytime makeup look - the daytime smoky eye
  • You've heard of food trucks, now what about a Lip Bar Truck
  • Do you have naturally curly/wavy hair? The Hand Dry Hair Glove may change your life.
  • Apart from comments like "She needs bangs like she needs air in her lungs" this is a cool, quick, simple makeover, done in an elevator. Also, it shows you how to curl your hair with a flat iron.
  • Plastic surgery trends in Venezuela are changing the appearance of mannequins. Now they're being built with enormous breasts, very narrow waists and exaggerated rears.
  • Benefit Cosmetics has a build-your-own makeup kit, just in time for Christmas!
  • This list is entirely subjective, but here are seven beauty products you can (probably) skip completely. 
  • Adele has reportedly turned down a £12 million offer to be the UK ambassador of L'Oreal
  • And finally, check out this incredible aging and rebirth transformation, done entirely with make-up.

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