Monday, July 28, 2014

Wayne Goss has revolutionized my makeup routine!

I have a new makeup routine, you guys! It's not that I'm using new products, it's just that I've switched my techniques a little and it's made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! It's all due to Wayne Goss' YouTube channel. 

It's because of him that my makeup routine has, and I'm not kidding, totally changed. I've had a revelation! 

I've incorporated two of his techniques every day for the past few weeks, and now I need to share it with you. They're Wayne Goss certified and Cath-tested.

This first technique made me shake my head in disbelief. Apply powder BEFORE your other makeup? Apply liquids and creams over powder??? This goes against what I was taught as a makeup artist and really, common sense. 

But it works! It really does.

My skin is combination - oily in the t-zone and normal on the cheeks - but it's also summertime and it gets bloody humid in this city. My makeup melts off most days, even with a primer and touch-ups. This under-powdering makes a huge difference. It has literally changed my makeup routine. 

I think the key is to use a light layer of powder, because that way, there's not enough powder to affect the application of creams or liquids. I do apply powder to set my makeup, as I normally would, but it's not as much as I usually would. It's just not needed. 

My makeup lasts all day with minimal touch-up and almost no melting! Seriously, this is one of the best tips I've ever heard.

The second technique I've adopted is Wayne's 100% invisible makeup for a flawless, glowing look. This too requires no special products, just an adaption of my makeup routine. 

Basically, I do almost exactly what Wayne does in the video - after I prime my skin and let it settle for a few minutes, I do a layer of powder and then apply my contour powder, cream blush and liquid highlighter. Then I buff some foundation (lately I've been using MAC Pro Longwear concealer as foundation) into my skin. It softens the contour, blush and highlighter just enough to make it look natural. I also use less foundation than I used to since there's already contour, highlighter and blush over much of my face. I don't have to spend a lot of time blending out the blush and contour shades since they'll get buffed with my foundation brush later. 

I love how polished my makeup looks doing it this way. It's as if I've spent much longer than I do on it. Seriously, this is so easy and takes no extra time at all.

If either of these sounds like it might work for you, I highly recommend trying them out. And check out Wayne's YouTube channel. He's got some great tips, reviews and looks. 

If you do try them out, let us know! 


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