Monday, September 15, 2014

MAC Vex Eyeshadow Review, Photos and Swatches

I'm sitting here and listening to The Who's Quadrophenia and it's kind of appropriate. This album screams rebellion and so does this eyeshadow from MAC called Vex. Vex has been one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows since I first started shopping at MAC in my early 20s. So about 15 years give or take a few years. There are only a handful of MAC eyeshadows that I first bought back then and still use today - Satin Taupe, Contrast and Vex. Yup, I certainly liked my shimmery eyeshadows back then.

Vex is a very interesting shade. It is sort of a grey, but it's also gold-greenish and it's also pinky. And it's very shimmery so it's wonderfully glowy. 

It's so rebellious, acting all shimmery neutral, but then shifting gold-green and then pink but yet so perfectly glowy and soft. 

I used to wear this on days I was hungover because I couldn't be bothered to put a lot of makeup on, and because I felt it gave my eyes a glow that was subtle. I also used to wear it a lot after I'd dyed my hair since my hair is a dark purple when I first colour it. I liked wearing Vex on my eyes, and just Vex because it gave me this edgy glowy effect. If I was going to look pale with my dark purple hair, I wanted to emphasize it with some mysterious eyes. 

Here's Vex swatched and reading pink.

Swatched on NW15 skintone.
And here is Vex in the same swatch but reading more gold and subtly green. 

Swatched on NW15 skintone. 

Vex looks really good on most skin types, though on darker skin it might read as really frosty and light. I like the way it looks on skin with yellow undertones since the gold in it pops. I also like it on skin with pink undertones, because it reads more pink.

The texture is buttery and smooth and can be applied heavily or blended out to a sheer soft glow. 

Vex is fantastic in a smoky eye or on its own. Because it's a rebel and mysterious and a legend all at once. 

Grade: A

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