Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Strong Eye Strong Lip FOTD

Typically when doing a makeup look, one feature is played up more than the others. Usually you will play up the eyes OR the lips, keeping the other subtle. Think about a smoky eye look. Usually the lips and cheeks are played down to allow the smoky eye pop. 


Same with wearing a bold lip colour, usually the eyes and cheeks are the supporting actors. 

The 1980s were known for excess, and makeup looks were bright, colourful and strong. Wearing a strong eye and strong lip look today can look dated, but you can pull it off if you want to. It just takes some care and attention to make sure that your look is balanced, not competing with itself.

In these photos, I'm wearing very simple makeup, playing up both my eyes and my lips with strong effects. It's a bit goth, but the raspberry sheen of my lip colour help to soften it, and I made sure to keep my eyeliner as crisp and tight to my lashes as possible. 

I am wearing my usual base - concealer and buffed into the areas of my face that need it. A bit of contouring along my jaw and under my cheekbone, groomed brows, and a touch of blush. For my eyes I used a black eye pencil and tightlined my eyes, starting from the inner corner (pulling it down to a tiny point). I smudged it along my top and bottom lashlines with a tiny brush. I wanted to keep it as tight as possible to my lashes. I used a clean brush to clean up any areas where it got too heavy or too thick. I curled my lashes and applied lots of mascara. 

For my lips, I applied MAC Red Dwarf (raspberry) and then dabbed some OCC Tarred Lip Balm on top to darken it. 

That's it! I think that keeping it so simple, it looks softer, undone. The focus is shared between my eyes and lips but it doesn't look heavy, or dated. 

For a softer look, use a brown eyeliner pencil, and a lighter lip colour. 


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