Sunday, February 22, 2015

Beauty Squared Round-Up for February 22, 2015

Good morning, everyone!

There's a lot to tell you about today, so let's waste no time and get right to it, so that you can waste a little bit of your Sunday on some beauty links. ;)

  • We've got a bunch of New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week links for you.
  • The best advice for achieving a no makeup makeup look is to be naturally beautiful. Or at least so many tutorials you find online says without saying it. Here's a no makeup look done on a beautiful model.
  • Eight models share the beauty tips that superstar MUA Pat McGrath has given them. Think easy, quick, clever tips that can be individualized to you.
  • It's Oscar weekend and Glamour takes a look at some of the best makeup looks of the best actress nominees.
  • Speaking of the Oscars, you can bet that many of the ladies (and gents) are doing beauty treatments and steps like this right now in anticipation of all the cameras on the red carpet today. Into the Gloss has a tutorial on concealing undereye circles here.
  • Some excellent DIY beauty treatment advice and recipes from organic, all-natural skincare company S.W. Basics founder Adina Grigore.
  • Here's a Sunday project for you: Read this XOVain article about makeup product expiration dates, go to your bathroom and spring clean your makeup collection. Remember that if you have any MAC products, you can do the Back to MAC program (online or in-store) and restock with some new products!
  • TV host, radio host, and writer (among other things), Pay Chen shares her beauty tips and philosophy with Toronto's Vv Magazine's Ethnic Beauty Guide.
  • An excellent article about aging that asks why it's such a big deal that we are getting older? The Pain and Beauty of Growing Old, and Aging Gracefully.
  • The facade of the beauty industry was shaken a bit again this week, when unretouched photos of Beyoncé for a L'Oreal Paris campaign were posted on her fan site, showing just how much these types of photos can be retouched before we see them. Beyoncé fans leapt to her defense, claiming that the photos had been photoshopped to look especially bad and the photos were removed swiftly.

    Our two cents: Guess what? Beauty ads are hella photoshopped and it is not a surprise that even someone as beautiful as Beyoncé might not have perfect skin. Beauty brands want you to believe that if you use their products, you'll look photoshop-perfect. Maybe not Beyoncé or model-photoshop-perfect, because who could possible look that perfect? Nobody. Some advice to Beyoncé fans who are upset about the photos: take off the rose-coloured glasses. Beyoncé is no less talented or beautiful or amazing and worthy of your admiration and love because her skin may not be perfect. Get mad at the beauty industry instead for pretending that perfection is the only kind of beautiful. 

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