Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beauty Squared Round Up for March 1, 2015

Hello! It's Sunday and that means it's round-up time. Here's what we have for you this week!

  • Lipstick that changes colour depending on your body temperature? 
  • MAKE Cosmetics are now available to buy at 
  • Uh, Pizza Hut nail polish?
  • One of the most talked about things from the Oscar red carpet this year was Margot Robbie's lip colour. Here's what MUA Tyron Machausen used on her face, including that gorgeous lip colour. 
  • Is lip balm addiction a real thing? 
  • Remember that video of Max Factor applying makeup on a extra's face that was featured in the Round Up two weeks ago? Well here's more on how Max Factor made up on silent film actors and revolutionized makeup. 
  • Major sparkle for the eyelids was all over the runways recently with models sporting glued-on crystals and sequins on their eyelids. Look for this to trickle down to more wearable looks for non-model types who want the look. 
  • How to banish winter hat head. You know you need this post. 
  • And how to give fine, flat hair body
  • How to pronounce commonly mispronounced fashion and beauty words
  • The 10 Commandments of Clear Skin
  • Indie beauty brands you haven't tried but should. 
  • A woman undergoing formal gender transition talks about her ongoing relationship with beauty and gender

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