Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beauty Squared Round-Up for March 8, 2015

Happy Daylights Savings Time day! If you celebrate, that is. ;)

Here's what we have in in our round-up this week.

  • Using lipliner as eyeliner? Why not, right? Actually, you shouldn't and here's why.
  • Waterlining to make your eyes look bigger.
  • It's official, caffeine is the latest super ingredient for skincare.
  • Here's how to give yourself a blow out in 7 minutes.
  • Beauty hacks for the gym.
  • Here's how to achieve Emma Stone's gorgeous Oscar makeup look (attention: coral lips!).
  • Brown-eyed gals: here are some looks to make your eyes pop.
  • You know how your mascara can look dry at the end of the day? Urban Decay has a really interesting new product they claim that can revitalize your mascara.
  • Skincare while you sleep? Overnight masks.
  • Check out this hairdo that can camouflage greasy roots. Retro!
  • Fixes for a smudged manicure (like bedsheet imprints).
  • Liquid Palisade is like painter's tape for manicures. No more polish all over your cuticles!
  • Check out this innovative lip tint from Cailyn Cosmetics that you apply, let dry and then peel off.
  • Respect your eyebrows and give them some love and attention.
  • A recipe for DIY sun spot reducer

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