Monday, March 16, 2015

MAC Bao Bao Wan Beauty Powder in Summer Opal Review, Swatches and Photos

Even for a makeup junkie and blogger/ avid blog reader like me it's hard to keep up with MAC's onslaught of LE releases. I declined buying anything from the past few big recent collections (Lightness of Being, Viva Glam Miley Cyrus and MAC Cinderella etc.), so when the Bao Bao Wan collection started getting good reviews I caved and bought one item, the Summer Opal Beauty Powder (LE $33.00 CA.) 

Photos and swatches in natural light, on NC 35/40 skin.

No one really knows (MAC included it seems) what specific function a Beauty Powder performs, except that it's meant to enhance the face. Some Beauty Powders I've bought in the past can be used all over to brighten the complexion, others have only been suitable as blushes or highlighter. Bao Bao Wan's Summer Opal definitely falls into the highlighter category. It is a soft peachy beige highlighter with fine flecks of gold shimmer throughout. Although it feels a bit dry/firm in the pan, a soft brush will pick up a good amount of product.

MAC Bao Bao Wan Summer Opal Beauty Powder: 
light application with brush (L) and heavy application with finger (R)

As you can see from the above swatch, the gold shimmers are not highly visible on the skin. The frost of the highlighter is quite soft and fine and I did not find this product emphasized uneven skin texture or pores. Summer Opal buffs and blends into the skin effortlessly and it's softness is a nice change from some of the super metallic highlighters on the market.

I found wear time good with slight fading around the 7 hour mark. MAC is competitive with many high end brands on many products, but I feel in the highlighter category they lag significantly behind other brands such as Cle de Peau, Guerlain and even Estee Lauder. Summer Opal Beauty Powder is a nice indication that they can make a good, solid all they have to do is make it permanent!

Grade: B+

P.S: At the time of writing this post, Summer Opal Beauty Powder was sold out online. It may still be available at your local counter or free standing store. I would suggest calling your local store to confirm, as well as frequently checking back on the website as I have noticed that other LE products from this collection have been restocked after initially selling out. I apologize in advance if this post leads to unfulfilled lemmings! Good luck!

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