Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beauty Squared Round-Up for April 12, 2015

Good morning, lovelies!

It's Beauty Squared Round-Up time. Settle in and enjoy!

  • The Up the Rollercoaster blog's  concealer library. It's helpful for a number of reasons - - talking about the types of concealers you need for different concealing purposes, and the types of concealers that are especially good for different concealing purposes.
  • We all love drugstore dupes for high end products. Here's a new round!
  • Curly hair is like denim.
  • Are you intrigued by but a little scared by blue eyeshadow? (I am). Here are some new shades and how to wear them that might inspire you out of that fear.
  • Maybe more people would wear sunscreen if it didn't smell like sunscreen? Here are some of the best-smelling sunscreens.
  • Relevant to me (and maybe you), beauty things to pack for travelling.
  • Skincare ingredients you might not be using, but should be.
  • Do you lips need a bit of TLC? Here are some of the best lip products to give them new life.
  • Beauty mysteries, like why does the salon shampoo feel so much better than when you do it yourself? Is your "Hmmmm?" moment on the list?
  • Nic from Pixiwoo has two great basics videos up on their YouTube channel right now.

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