Sunday, April 5, 2015

Beauty Squared Round-Up for April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy Sunday! Happy whatever-else-you-are-or-feel-like-celebrating today!

If you're looking for suggestions, how about celebrating this week's Beauty Squared Round-Up?

  • Is there anything better than being able to make your own skin care from ingredients in your fridge and pantry? This way you know exactly what goes into what you're putting on your face, you can make it yourself, it's completely natural and fresh, it's inexpensive, and you don't need to leave the house!
  • Beauty oils are having a moment lately, but they have been around for thousands of years. Here's everything you should know about using beauty oils on your hair and skin.
  • Spring is here (looks out window, sees snow falling). No really, it is. Close the curtains and stay inside today. Here are some runway-inspired and spring-inspired eye makeup looks to try.
  • Here are some more runway beauty tips (including manicures) from New York Fashion Week for you. They don't have to wait until fall.
  • Is blush a bit of a challenge for you? Trust, you're not the only one who might struggle with how and wear to apply it. Here's a post that shows you how to wear blush four ways - two fairly standards, and two a little more unconventional. Who knows, they might work on you!
  • Fashion Magazine's Beauty Panel shares their tips for handling a bad hair day.
  • Thinking of growing out your bangs? Bookmark this link.
  • Someday you'll be able to reorder your favourite items, including beauty products, through the touch of a button. An Amazon Dash Button, programmed by you for automatic reorders.
  • Artist Donald Robertson has teamed up with Smashbox Cosmetics to design the packaging for a limited release of matte lipsticks and gel eyeliners.
  • If you have been watching CBC's Schitt's Creek (POP in the U.S.), starring Catherine O'Hara, Annie Murphy, Dan Levy and Eugene Levy, you've probably noticed Catherine's amazing style. Her personal make-up artist for the shoot was Lucky Bromhead and talked to Lucky about what it's like to be Lucky, what it was like to be on set for Schitt's Creek, and what she thinks should be in everyone's makeup kit.
  • If you'll be in London this summer, you might want to check out the Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up, the satellite exhibit for the V&A's McQueen exhibit. 

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