Monday, June 8, 2015

Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara Review, Swatches and Photos

Out of all the high, high end luxury brands out there I don't hear a lot about Clé de Peau in the beauty blog world. The pinnacle of the Shiseido brand empire, Clé de Peau has a highly edited line without a lot of the usual frills and thrills associated with most makeup brands (multiple reiterations of products, ongoing limited edition releases, designer/celebrity collaborations, etc.) Instead Clé de Peau focuses on a singular, efficient vision of beauty and aims to do this vision very, very well. According to Clé de Peau their brand "uniquely harmonizes Japan's exquisite aesthetic sense, cutting-edge science and a modern French elegance." I believe that statement translates into an effortless, elegant beauty with an emphasis on radiant skin. 

Today I have for review a sample of their Perfect Lash Mascara, which I have tested now for a whole month. To show that they mean business, they only have the one mascara, though it does come in black and brown. This mascara is meant to do and be everything for everyone in just one coat - separating, voluminizing, lengthening and curling lashes to "emphatically frame the eyes."

Clé de Peau Perfect Lash Mascara

This is a waterproof mascara with a uniquely designed brush, which seen in cross section is square. I found this mascara delivered on all it's claim very well, although for my tastes I used several coats to achieve greater drama.

It holds a curl extremely well in part to it's being a waterproof formula. I also found that it did fan my lashes out pleasantly, and with several coats made my lashes look longer, blacker and fuller. I also surprisingly found the slightly curved brush easy to use on my shortish lashes. The wear time of this mascara is also excellent, with no smudging, flaking and drooping of the curl. After 12 hours of wear my lashes looked as good as they did right after I did my makeup!

Photos in natural light, please forgive the differing white balance!

Lashes without mascara, uncurled.

Clé de Peau Perfect Lash Mascara, curled lashes.

In terms of performance this is a A+ product...but there is a downside (of course) and the downside is the price. This mascara retails for $55.00 CA, which for most of us too expensive to justify particularly because mascara has such a short shelf life (typically 3 months.) 

So is it worth the cost? I will let you decide. If money was no object, I could see myself making this my regular due to it's superior ability to hold a curl and it's longevity.

If you are interested in this product, or any of the other excellent Clé de Peau products, treat yourself to a delightful and fantastic shopping experience with Donna, the Clé de Peau specialist at Holt Renfrew in Calgary (403 269 7341). Donna and I go way back to the 90's when I used to frequent the now defunct Prescriptives counter at Holt's. Donna is not only helpful, but lovely, gracious and super cute! I cannot recommend her assistance enough.

Grade: A+

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  1. This sounds like a great mascara, unfortunately I am super picky when it comes to mascaras and adore my drugstore 'maybelline falsies'. But perhaps when I get my tax return I could treat myself to a new mascara? ;)