Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beauty Squared Round-Up for June 28, 2015

Hello lovelies!

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. It's Beauty Squared Round-Up time and there's loads to tell you about.

  • Charlotte Tilbury was in Toronto this week for the Canadian launch of her beauty brand. I (Catherine) was in attendance and you can see a few photos I snapped here
    • Here's the official #TilburyTakesCanada photo album.
    • And the official #TilburyTakesCanada video
  • How's your skin this morning? If it's looking a little puffy maybe due to lack of sleep, dehydration, too much salt or too much alcohol (no judgment!), here's a 3-minute massage you can give yourself to reduce that puffiness.
  • Speaking of alcohol, here's a DIY whiskey body scrub recipe (and bonus cocktail recipe).
  • And how about a skin-softening DIY honey cream recipe?
  • Is your hair needing some TLC? Here are some of the best hair masks specifically for colour-treated hair, but if your hair is dry and damaged even though you don't colour it, they'll work for you too.
  • The Body Shop is doing a revamp of their image. The British Beauty Blogger has some packaging photos and info.
  • A beautiful shimmery, youthful makeup look using Maybelline products and demonstrated on model Gigi Hadad. Don't worry, this makeup look would work on anyone. You don't need to be a model, or have perfect skin or be 20 years old!
  • Summery makeup inspiration.
  • More VERY summery (simple bronzy skin and a sexy, smudgey eye) makeup inspiration courtesy of Lisa Eldridge.
  • Another great look from Lisa Eldridge - a no-fuss, modern take on the 60s makeup look.
  • A gorgeous smokey eye with a pop of unexpected colour - perfect for summer, or anytime.
  • Another smokey eye idea - this one focuses the impact on smoking up the lower lid NOT the upper lid. Very coooooool.
  • Cushion make-up - you may have come across this term recently. It's a new trend in western makeup taken from (where else?) Korean beauty brands. Basically, cushioning is in the packaging where pillowy sponges are soaked in product (blush, foundation, etc) allowing for light and smooth application. Kind of how you use a sponge to apply a product but the sponge is built into the makeup in the case of cushion make-up. Read more and see some of the products now available in North America here.
  • Another Korean beauty trend is waterless skincare.
  • The best toners for sensitive skin.
  • Some ideas for taking care of your skin naturally. As in, more about what you put into your body, rather than what you apply on the surface (though that's important too).
  •  This is verging on a "how to attract a man" article, but not quite (we wouldn't share it if that's all it was, promise). Does wearing a strong lip colour actually turn men off as some men claim? An experiment.
  • Speaking of makeup shaming, women have been posting selfies of themselves with faces of half-bare/half-makeup to show they're comfortable both in and out of makeup. (So stop with the hating on women who wear makeup!)
  • To celebrate Pride here's an interview with transgender model (and the face of Make Up For Ever) Andreja Pejic where she talks about beauty.
  • An interview with two of the makeup artists behind the makeup on the TV series Transparent which features Jeffrey Tambor as the transgender patriarch of a dysfunctional family. 

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