Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chanel Infiniment Illuminating Powder Review, Swatches and Photos

Despite the fact that in the world of make up we left summer behind somewhere in July, there are some late summer/early fall releases lingering about the counters still worth looking at. Today I have Chanel's permanent late summer/early fall release the Infiniment Chanel Illuminating Powder ($72.00 CA) Photos in natural light on NC 35 skin.

Chanel has jumped hard on the highlighting/illuminating powder bandwagon in the last few years with their luxurious, limited edition releases such as last holiday's Camelia de Plumes. The Infiniment Chanel Illuminating Powder they released in late August is a different, though very wearable, sophisticated take on the trend of luminous (dare I say "strobing"?) skin.

Infiniment Illluminating Powder is more of an all over finishing power a la Guerlain Meteorites. It has a sheer slightly peachy matte base with tiny shimmers. The overall effect is understated but very pretty - a fresh matte finish with a luminous, definitively "non makeup-y" look.

The powder itself looks like a standard translucent powder in the case, with medium the Chanel logo "embroidered" in the middle in a medium coral powder. The C's are large and thin enough that using the two powders separately is not really an option. Swirled together and buffed over the skin, this powder really flatters the skin, giving you a naturally matte yet radiant glow.

I hesitated at providing a swatch of this, mainly because I knew it would not show up on camera. People who want a noticeable highlight or strong "strobing" effect should skip this. Fans of Guerlain's Meteorites or Hourglass's Ambient Lighting powders will find this a beautiful product.

Chanel Infiniment Illuminating Powder (swatch between lines)

The only downside to this product for me (other than the usual hefty Chanel price tag) is the scent. It has the classic Chanel rose scent, but in a much stronger, dare I say unappetizing version? I'm used to the way their lipsticks smell and I don't mind it. But this product smells gross to me. It's not so gross that I won't use it, but gross enough that I feel I need to comment on it, and that says something because I'm usually indifferent to scented products. It has the same scent as Dior Diorshow Mascara which I similarly find a bit nauseating.

Other than that this is a great finishing powder. It really does give your skin a photoshopped effect without looking artificial or made up.

Grade: B+

Update: This is a permanent product.


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