Friday, May 28, 2010

Almay Intense i-colour Trio for Blues "Bring Out the Blue"


On I go with my testing of the drugstore brand's obsession with complimenting your eye shade in a few easy steps (and multiple products). Since I quite liked the quality of the last Almay trio I tried ( I thought I'd pick up another and see how it did to enhance my baby blues.

This one has instructions for a classic eye make-up look, just like the one I tried previously but the colours are a bit different. For one, the lightest shade is the same size as the other two where in the first trio the lightest shade was twice the size. In this trio there's a silvery-blue shade:

A medium, shimmery blue shade meant for the crease:

And a warm-toned brown shade:


I'm quite enamoured with the blue shade - it's very pretty and I'll definitely wear it on it's own. But how does it shape up as Almay claims with the other two shades?

The instructions on the back of the package offer the same basic eye make-up shape - one shade on the lid, one in the crease and one on the brow bone.

So this is how I applied it. The results although, please note that I still have not mastered my flash so that it doesn't wash out the make-up. The application is much heavier than it appears here:

I do think this eyeshadow enhanced the blue of my eyes the best of all that I've tried so far. To compare, the link to the CoverGirl palette is here and the other Almay palette I tried is here. I do think it's the inclusion of the warm brown that has done the trick though, not so much the combination of the three colours. The application technique too, is not normally how I'd apply my make-up. If I were to apply these eyeshadows together again, I'd likely add a dark eyeliner along my top lash and/or smudge the brown or the medium blue shade along my lower lashline.

I do like the Almay eyeshadows I've tried so far. Their pigment is better than many drugstore brands and they're not frost-crazy like so many of their peers.


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