Friday, May 7, 2010

LUSTING: Chanel Nouvelle Vague and China Glaze For Audrey

Turqouise was named Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2010 and cosmetics companies are following suit. I've seen swatches of both China Glaze's For Audrey and Chanel's Nouvelle Vague and I'm smitten.

Thoughts of Tiffany boxes, anyone? Or perhaps the beach? A Parisian kitchen?

You can see swatches of Nouvelle Vague here as well as the other two nail colours in the Les Pop-Ups des Chanel Summer 2010 collection. You can see swatches of For Audrey here.

What do you think? Are you wanting to wear a pop of the colour of the year on your toes or fingernails?



  1. I just bought Nouvelle Vague this past weekend! Check back for a swatch.


  2. Just come across your blog whilst doing a Google image search for that Chanel nail varnish. I saw it in a magazine lst year and fell in love with it but now to find out it's no longer available :( I wanted it wear on my Wedding day as our colours are Tiffany blue and red.