Thursday, May 20, 2010

JoeFresh Nail Polish

Oh happy day, JoeFresh has nail polish now and it's what you might expect - inexpensive! $4 CDN each or 3 for $10 CDN inexpensive. Of course, the selection will vary at JoeFresh stores, Real Canadian Superstores and Loblaws since everything JoeFresh is a bit of a cult item and things tend to disappear within hours of being made available. When I stopped in to finally check out the nailpolish, the selection wasn't great, but I managed to pick up three bottles of polish. Compared to the colours they offer, this is a bit dismal.

Fig, Berry and Prune

Judging by the names of the colours I chose, I might have been hungry. I snatched up Fig and Berry immediately but had a bottle of the shimmery blue-green Peacock in my hand but put it down for Prune, not realizing until I got home that I'd selected all matte shades. I might go back for Peacock though...and I was also tempted by Gunmetal.

A photo that gives a better sense of the colours, particularly Prune.

One of the things I like about these polishes is their size. I have never gotten to the bottom of a bottle of nailpolish so I like that these are small. I might actually finish one before it gets old and crusty. Another thing I love is the selection. These are trendy, chic shades ranging from matte pastels (see Butter, Mint and Ballet Slipper) to the shimmery, glossy Ink, Sun Kissed, Gunmetal and Grape. Any nail colour preference has been hit with this release; those who love dark and vampy have a selection as do the traditional pretty pink and basic red lovers and the nude-ophiles. There are matte shades as well as the traditional shimmery shades and there are edgier colours as well as classic colours. There's something for everyone.

The brushes are wide and a good length making application very simple. I've tried all three so far and I got good coverage with two coats of each. The polish itself isn't thick or thin and is easy to apply overall. The quality isn't the same as a higher-end polish like Chanel but for the price and colour selection, these are DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Unfortunately, JoeFresh is only available in Canada at the moment and it's not available online. Check for locations.

Have any of you tried the new JoeFresh polishes yet? What do you think of them?


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