Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Golden Brown EOTD

Golden brown texture like sun,
Lays me down with my mind she runs,
No need to fight,
Never a frown with golden brown. 

Those are lyrics from The Stranglers song 'Golden Brown'. It's actually about heroin but it's the first thing I thought of when I titled this tutorial. So let's look at those lyrics very superficially for this purpose. It's a great tune too, so check it out!

I've been on the hunt for simple eye looks for day that use colours that make my eye colour pop. I'm specifically looking for a copper shade that's somewhat subtle that I can wear on my eyes. It occurred to me that I don't really have anything like that in my makeup kit. So I thought I'd play with some of the shades I do have - in shades that do enhance blue eyes. I chose MAC's Satin Taupe (a long time favourite), Bare Escentuals Sex Kitten (another favourite) and the coppery-gold shade from MAC's Stacked 2!.

MAC's Satin Taupe is a classic MAC eyeshadow, a shimmery taupe. This shade is neutral enough for all eye colours and the warm tones in it enhances blue (and green) eyes. 
Bare Escentuals Sex Kitten is a sparkly nutmeg shade. The warmth in it makes it a good shade for blue (also hazel and green) eyes. 
The coppery-gold shade in the MAC's Stacked 2! is a basic, glowy cool-gold shade with a slight copper tone to it that warms it up.

I don't know how successful this eye look was. It didn't make my blue eyes pop as much as I was hoping, but also certainly didn't overpower them or dull them down. I'll keep looking for that perfect daytime eye look that makes my eyes really pop, but this is a simple, subtle, basic look that would work well for day. And not just for those of you with blue eyes. 

Here is what I did:

1. I applied a primer (Urban Decay's Primer Potion) to my eyelids.
2. With an eyeshadow brush I pressed the Stacked 2! shade gently into my lid, focusing on the inner half. Note: this shade looks warmer in its container than it did on my skin. I continued to layer it until I got the effect I wanted. 
3. With another eyeshadow brush, I applied Satin Taupe to the outer corners of my eyes, focusing mostly on a > shape (horizontal V), along my lashline and up and across my crease, ending about halfway across my eyelid. One of my favourite things about this look is how the Stacked 2! shade and Satin Taupe intermingle in the middle of my eyelid. 
4. With an angle brush, I smudged Sex Kitten along my upper lashline. On the outer corner I turned the brush sideways and pulled Sex Kitten up into the Satin Taupe, blending the two together. 
5. With the same angle brush, I smudged Sex Kitten softly along my lower lashline

6. I left my browbone bare, as I tend to do these days (I have heavy bangs). Also, this look has a fair amount of shimmer so while a brow colour with a soft bit of shimmer would be effective, anything more might be too much for daytime. If you recreate this look, try it!
7. I curled my eyelashes using my Shu Uemera eyelash curler (BEST eyelash curler I've ever used) and applied L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black to my upper eyelashes only.

I like this look a lot. One thing I didn't like was that the Stacked 2! shade irritated my eyes badly. Even after I washed my face and removed my contacts, I had a headache and fuzzy head that lasted for the rest of the day. So I won't be wearing this look again using that shade. I'll have to use a different but similar shade. 

What do you think of this look? Will you try it? Do you have any favourite shades or eye looks for making blue eyes pop? Do you have a deep, pure love for Satin Taupe too?


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