Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Formula X for Sephora Xplosives Top Coat in Turbulent Review and Swatches

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a relaxing holiday, mine was busier than I expected it to be but nice nonetheless. Now that the holidays are over I am (finally) tackling some of my Sephora VIB sale haul and all the nice beauty goodies I scooped up over the holidays.

One of the nail polishes I got during the sale was Formula X for Sephora Xplosives Top Coat in Turbulent ($15.00 CA/$13.00 US, permanent). Turbulent is a clear base filled with black and turquoise confetti that ranges in size from pin prick size flecks to large peppercorn sized hexagons. It has a rather thick texture, as can be expected from a confetti filled polish, and to apply an even coating of confetti, you will need to strategically blob the polish over your nail. Photos taken with flash, no base or top coat, 3 layers.

The formula dries fast and feels a little like sand paper on the nail, though not in an unpleasant way. It dries to a medium glossy finish, though because it is textured it won't shine like a flat layer of polish would. I found this polish lasted 2-3 days without any chipping (which is normal wear time for me) and I expect with a proper base and top coat or used over another polish it would last much longer.

Although I know it is designed to be worn as a top coat over another polish, I like wearing this on it's own - it reminds me of abstract expressionist painting and I think that's really fun and different. The one major downside to this polish (and any other glitter/confetti polish) is removing it is very difficult. I actually found the easiest way for me to remove it was to scrape and chip it off with the edge of a metal nail file! Now, I know most people would not want to subject their nail beds to that type of treatment, so you could also use the tin foil method of removal too.

Grade: B+

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