Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Ones - Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds), Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) and Shingai Shoniwa (The Noisettes)

Three of the hottest new bands in the UK are fronted by gorgeous and fabulous females. Each has their own unique and notable style sense and it's worth noting how they use make-up to both enhance their features and their performances.

First, I give you Marina Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds. She is in fact, just Marina Diamandis (there are no Diamonds) and she hails from Wales, the daughter of Welsh and Greek parents. Marina's sound is an eclectic brand of pop music which she sings with her unique voice and singing style. Her first album The Family Jewels was released in March 2010 and she currently has a few videos under her belt.

But on to her make-up (and hair, and fashion)!

Marina is fond of lining her eyes in black, sometimes heavily, as above or more subtly as below. Her dark brown eyes pop with this make-up and it gives her a glamourous/rock&roll feel.

Marina's lips always seem to be either bright red, as above, or nude for effect. 

Style-wise she's very influenced by pop and obviously the 1980s. Her fashion sense reflects her eclectic music. Her enviable figure - tall, slim, long legs and full bust - enable her to wear just about anything, but particularly tight, short outfits. She never looks trashy unless she wants to and instead plays up her sensual appearance with eclectic outfits and make-up.

Above, Marina wears bubblegum pink lips with tousled hair and rock & roll eyes.

In the above still from her fantastic Hollywood video, Marina wears sultry black liner, dark brows and red creamy lips in what can only be an homage to old Hollywood. This make-up doesn't change throughout the video although Marina wears cheerleader outfits, sequined fringe, cut-off acid wash shorts and a silver sequined gown.

In the video for I Am Not A Robot, Marina pulls out all the make-up stops. Above she's a glittery alien creature covered in black/silver sparkling body paint.

Later, she's in black and green superhero paint, wind-machined hair and very nude lips.

And still later, she's in glam green, black and silver eye make-up and red lips, accentuated with individually applied jewels.

In her trippy Mowgli's Road video, she's in very pretty, totally wearable shimmery eye make-up, bronzer and nude lips even though her lower body, arms and midsection become paper accordian parts.

Next up we have the massively-voiced, flame-haired Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. Also only Florence (there is no Machine), her sound is modern, eclectic pop and the best way to describe her and her sound is to say "modern Kate Bush". Her debut album Lungs was released in summer 2009.

Florence has bright red hair, a long, slim figure, green eyes and a fair, freckled complexion and she plays with her style to accentuate her whimsical, folky, powerful sound.

Similar make-up can be seen in the above promotional photo, where it looks like she's been tossing gold sparkles as well as crying golden tears. Her lips are a berry/wine shade. In many of her videos, her eye make-up is applied to enhance the slight downturn of her eyes, a technique used in silent films to make the eyes appear larger, more innocent and sad.

Softer make-up in this promotional photo and you can truly see Florence's unconventional but undeniable beauty. Here, soft pink cheeks enhance her cheekbones and porcelain skin, complement her rosy lips and soft eye make-up make her green eyes stand out.

But Florence is all about the drama most of the time. Matching her colourful and smoky eye make-up to her glittering vest in this photo, the teal blue on her eyes contrasts sharply with her red hair. Nude lips offset the drama of her eyes.

In a vampy, barefoot appearance on the NME Awards red carpet, Florence rocks a very Marina-like make-up look with black lined eyes and red lips. See how different a similar make-up look can look on two different faces?

In the Drumming Song video, Florence stomps and slinks her way around a church in two different alter egos. Above she's the pious princess in soft make-up and below she's her rebellious twin with more dramatic eyes and lips.

A close-up of Florence's eyes from the Kiss With a Fist video reveals her slightly down-turned eyes, made up here in soft shimmery gold, cream and what looks like a blue-green-grey on her outer lid.

In her original Dog Days Are Over video, Florence is in an Alice In Wonderland style dream, being hunted by forest dwellers who make her one of their own in the end. Her make-up looks like she's been crying gold tears.

In 2010, the Dog Days Are Over video was remade and in this high fashion version she's styled in kimono and sari-reminiscent couture. She's wearing high fashion Geisha-esque make-up - white base, bright pink blush, heavily lined eyes and eyebrows and no lips. Later she appears with a graphic red shape drawn around her eyes which makes the green of her eyes pop.

Last but not least is Shingai Shoniwa, frontwoman of the band The Noisettes. The Noisettes are a three-piece whose sound is a blend of garage rock, punk and soul. Shingai is of Zimbabwean descent, has beautiful bone structure, almond-shaped eyes, gorgeous skin, a tiny figure and can pull off punk and elegant equally.

Shingai likes to alternate between avant-garde, retro elegance and tribal print make-up. Her hairstyles follow suit and are often sculpted into amazing shapes. Above she's got a no-make-up look but on her lids you can see almost extended eyelashes drawn up to her brows.

Above, Shingai has lined eyes with shadow smoked out towards her temples with what looks like a single dreamcatcher earring and a beaded ropey necklace.

In the Scratch Your Name video, Shingai and the Noisettes harass an office worker. Shingai's colourful and dramatic eye make-up, hair and clothes stand out amid the frump and drudge of the urban and office settings.

In the Don't Give Up video, Shingai has feathers in her lashes and in her hair while tribal designs gradually cover her face.

As The Noisettes have matured and grown in popularity, Shingai's style has evolved into something more retro and sleek while still maintaining her urban edge.If you click on the image above, you'll see that she's got a lightning bolt shape on the outside of her left eye - a punk twist to her retro styled outfit.

In the video for their killer single Never Forget You, Shingai sings to an old friend (lover?) and takes on a loungey style to perform from a church loft in a silvery dress, shimmery make-up and dramatic hair. Darker skin tends to carry metallics and creamy textures very very well, and Shingai is running with that. 

In the Sister Rosetta (Capture the Spirit) video, The Noisettes are the band for some 50s swing dancers and Shingai's make-up and hair is almost cut in half down the center of her head. On one side she's got shimmering orange metallic eyes while on the other she's got bright green eyes and green feathered lashes.

In the Every Now and Then video, Shingai laments a lost love in a retro-tinged tragedy while looking gorgeous with beautiful metallic eyes and glossy lips (above) and later as a glamourous singer with creamy orange-red lips. 

In 2009, The Noisettes covered The Killer's When You Were Young and turned it soulfully into their own. In the video footage of the recording, Shingai's in what's becoming her signature metallic, lustrous make-up style.

Listen to these three fantastically talented ladies when you have a chance!



  1. I'm not familiar at all w/ Shingai - by my god she's gorgeous!


  2. i also just love the three, awesome.

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  3. Omg i thought Florence had light blue-grey eyes! Now that if i grew a few more inches and dyed my hair to red, i'd look quite alike =D