Saturday, April 10, 2010

EOTD: Not-So-New Wave Grey Lined Eyes (plus three lipsticks)

I've been using one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows Greystone (sadly discontinued) as liquid liner quite a lot recently so I wanted to do an EOTD. This look combines a liquid "cat-eye" liner and a softer pencil liner in grey. Grey is one of my favourite make-up colours lately and it's a great colour to wear on the eyes as it's a change from blacks and browns and quite chic and contemporary. It's also a much softer look than doing a cat-eye liner with black.

Greystone is a matte medium grey eyeshadow colour I bought years and years ago. It's been discontinued but luckily I still have most of it left! For this I scraped some Greystone out of the pot (look OLLLLLD MAC packaging!) and mixed it with some mixing medium to create the "liquid" Greystone. With an angle brush, I lined my upper lashline with it, starting from the very inner corner and extending it slightly out past the outer corner. 

Along my lower lashline I smudged a Bonne Bell grey pencil eyeliner and blended it with my fingertip. 

MAC Greystone

Bonne Bell Eyeliner Pencil in Pebble

I had it in my head that the eye look I'd done was "New Wave". Yeah, it's not. It's really tame to have that description. Since it was so simple, I wanted to see what it would look like with three very different, bold lipstick shades.

With MAC Snob

With MAC Costa Chic

With MAC Girl About Town

L to R: Costa Chic, Girl About Town and Snob

The grey eye look is so soft and basic, each of these different shades works. I kept my blush subtle since the lip colours were so different. Depending on which of these lip colours I chose to wear, I'd select a blush shade that would complement it.

And there you have it, my not-so-New Wave EOTD, plus lipstick!



  1. I love Girl About Town on you! I am always so drawn to bright fuchsia lipsticks. :)

  2. Thanks ladies! It's not an easy colour to wear and definitely best for night. I kinda wish it was called Snog too. :)


  3. Thanks So Very Fabulous! These three are definitely three of my favourite lipstick colours. They all make a statement but differently!