Wednesday, April 7, 2010

L'Oreal 360 Clean Skin & Face Cleanser

L'Oreal has introduced a new line of cleansers - they're in stores now. What makes these particularly exciting and notable is that they each come with a "scrublet" - a little textured pad that's stored in the bottle that you use to lather the cleanser on your skin. Stored in the bottle you say? Like this:

The little rubbery scrublet is stored in a hole in the bottle, so you don't have to worry about losing it or where to keep it in your medicine cabinet/shower. How very clever!

 Close-up of the scrublet.

That little flatter bit is for your thumb. The instructions are to hold the "handle" of the scrublet between your index and middle finger and place your thumb on the surface. You dampen your skin and squeeze some of the cleanser onto the scrublet and scrub your face in a circular motion to lather the cleanser.

My review? The scrublet can be a bit fussy to maneuver once your hands and face are wet and soapy but it is a great little tool and makes my skin feel especially smooth. It can be used with any cleanser you like, of course, but there is that handy little hole in the bottle to store it in.

Of the choices available, I selected the Deep Facial Cleanser (deep-cleaning, high-foaming gel). There are three other variations - one for sensitive skin, a cream cleanser and an exfoliating version. The Deep Facial Cleanser Gel apparently has naranji, orange flower and mint in it but it's heavily fragranced and rather overwhelming so if you're sensitive to fragrance you might want to steer clear of this.

Overall, this is a satisfactory cleanser although without the scrublet it would be below average. What say all of you? Has anybody tried one of these new L'Oreal cleansers? Like? Dislike?


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