Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kiehl's Marvellous Mineral Mascara

I love Kiehl's and I could happily use only Kiehl's for the rest of my life. To quote Jill "I have a fantasy of walking in there and stocking my whole bathroom with the stuff." I remember when Kiehl's came out with lip glosses, I was so excited. Make-up! From Kiehl's! If you've never tried their glosses, you should. They're great.

Kiehl's released their Marvellous Mineral Mascara not long ago and I got to try it in black recently. Here's what you should know about it:
  • made with minerals for rich colour
  • uses Acacia Senegal for length and volume
  • made with jojoba oil for conditioning
  • safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • fragrance-free
  • paraben-free
  • comes in Black and Black Brown
  • $16.50 US for 0.16 fl.oz

The first thing I noticed about the Marvellous Mineral Mascara was the tube. It's chubby, more so than any other mascara I've used before. It feels solid and substantial in your hand though and I promise I'm trying not to make this sound as naughty as it probably does. That's what she said, and all of that. 

The brush is long with thin bristles and is a fair size. Since the mascara itself doesn't have a thick consistency and isn't meant to give you crazy, thick, long lashes, this is a good brush. In fact this is one of the better brush/mascara pairings I've found. 

Close up of the brush.

This is a natural mineral mascara and if you know Kiehl's you know already it's not meant to give you much more than a natural lash look, as I've already mentioned. Here it is on me:

Top lashes only.

See, very natural.

Close up.

Overall, I would recommend this mascara for anyone looking for a good-for-you, gentle, natural-looking mascara. It goes on very easily and is remarkably soft once dried. Touch your lashes once it's dry and you'll be amazed, especially if like me, you've never used a mostly natural or all-natural mascara before.

When I got some on my eyelids as I always do, it came off very easily which gives it high points in my book. It also smells nice - not a strong scent but what's there is pleasant. As you might expect as well, this mascara comes off very easily too. I didn't notice any fallout or smudging any of the times I've worn it and it's humid where I live right now. I should note that I very rarely notice smudging with my mascara though.

To recap, this is a great natural mascara and if you like wearing mascara but have sensitive eyes or delicate lashes, this is perfect for you. I personally like a more dramatic lash most days but I'll use this on less dramatic lash days!



  1. I didn't know they even had a mascara - I love a natural look so will be checking this one out - thanks for the tip!

    Best, Lisamarie

  2. Thanks for reading, Lisamarie! You definitely should be checking this mascara out. It's great for your lashes. I love Kiehl's!