Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MAC 130 Brush

In addition to the colour story with MAC's To The Beach collection, MAC graced us with another new duo fibre brush, the 130.
Designed like a small headed flat top bronzer brush, the 130 fills in several gaps left in MAC's duo fibre brush family. While the beloved 187 is perfect for covering large areas in foundation or powder, and the 188 is great for applying mineralize blushes and skinfinishes to smaller areas, MAC lacked a denser, small brush that could handle depositing heavier layers of pigments.

MAC 130 Duo Fibre Brush

This brush is excellent for applying cream and liquid based products such as foundation, blush or highlighter. It's size makes it ideal for use on the cheekbone or for highlighting or contouring the planes of the face.


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