Monday, August 16, 2010

butter LONDON: All Hail McQueen

Fashion designer Alexander McQueen passed away in February 2010, tragically and very suddenly. You can read about his death in the NY Times here. His death stunned those both inside and outside of the fashion world and I think designer Katharine Hamnett summed it up best when she was quoted as saying "What a terrible, tragic waste."

McQueen with Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2006 National Costume Institute Gala
Photos from some of McQueen's collections

Undoubtably,  McQueen's loss will be felt for a long, long time by those in the fashion world and still tributes are popping up here and there.

Seattle-based nail company butter London has come out with two McQueen-inspired nail shades for it's 2010 fall line - Bumster and All Hail McQueen. Also included in the 2010 fall line are Marrow and Victoriana.

L-R: All Hail McQueen, Bumster, Marrow and Victoriana

butter London is a high-end nail salon and nail care line in London, England which focuses on high quality, low-chemical nail polishes and products. butter London's lacquers contain no formaldehyde, toulene or DBP (pthales) and retail for $17 CDN a bottle.

All Hail McQueen is a holographic taupe and Bumster is a mustard yellow cream, both unexpected colours that fit their McQueen-inspiration. If you're wondering, Bumster is named after McQueen's signature low-slung trousers, pictured below:

Can you guess why they're called Bumsters?

The other two shades are Marrow, a reddish-grape shade apparently inspired by the dark purple, rusty centre of a bone (hmmm, really?) and Victoriana, a twinkling, textured vintage blue described on the butter London site as "Things reminiscent of the Victorian era, such as corsets, top hats and Syphilis."

To see swatches, check out All Lacquered Up here

What do you think? Are Bumster and All Hail McQueen appropriate shades to pay tribute to McQueen? Would you wear either?



  1. Thanks for linking to my swatches. I just wanted to let you know that butter LONDON is actually based in Seattle, not London. I know it's confusing because of the brand name.

  2. Oh wow! How did I miss that? I've written about butter LONDON before. Their product names are all England-related too. Thanks for clearing it up!!! Great swatches too, btw. You're one of our favourite bloggers.