Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAC Digi-Dazzle Preview

New at North American MAC stores and counters is a line of 13 sparkly, glittery lipsticks called Digi-Dazzle!

What MAC had to say about Digi-Dazzle: 

We took out the razzle, kept the dazzle, and added a hint of glee! Then we digitized the drama, producing new heights in tonality from Hot Sass to Hellraiser – 13 colours to astonish, awe and electrify the lippiest critic. A limited-edition collection that makes boredom and predictability a thing of the past. What modern lips do best: Digi-Dazzle. Do you compute?

Lipsticks are limited edition and cost $16.50 CDN/$14 US.

Baby's On Fire Lipstick
Deep Red

Glaringly Hip Lipstick
Light peach

Hellraiser Lipstick
Light lavender

Hot Sass Lipstick
Bright Orange

Infused With Glam Lipstick
Copper Brown

Liquid Lurex Lipstick
Tarnished golden

Naughty You Lipstick
Neon pink

Smash Hit Lipstick
White beige

Snazzy Lipstick
Deep plum

Sweet Bits Lipstick
Light lavender pink

Troublemaker Lipstick

Wham Lipstick
Plum brown

Win Win Lipstick
Light pink

This is definitely the collection for you if you want a glittery lip look! What do you think? Has anyone picked any of these up? Do you love 'em?


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  1. I'm a Dior girl but every once and a while I like to pick up new and exciting beauty products. MAC is my 2nd brand for colors.

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