Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fabulous Felines Burmese Beauty Preview

Shades of sable, champagne and teak-olive, the Burmese is saucer-eyed and sensually compelling, prized for her sophistication and intelligence but woefully ill-equipped for the real world - should should never be let outside!

Luxury, pampering, excess — all attend the Burmese in her indulgent glory.
A colour collection that celebrates the well-cared-for, and exalts in her high-borne right to be spoiled...she knows how to get what she wants.
She’s a creature of luxury, and should be treated as such.

Cremestick Liner  ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
(Blackened plum)

Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Palette ($43 CDN/$36 US)
Burmese Beauty (Frosted brown green (Lustre))
Showstopper (Deep blackened brown (Matte))
Prized (Pale yellow beige (Satin))
Skintone 2 (Dirty gold (Frost))
Lipglass ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
Fancy Cat 
(Dark dirty brown with pearl)
Lipgloss ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
(Light dirty green with pearl)

Lipglass ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
(Pink champagned taupe)
Lipstick ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
(Deep Berry Red (Cremesheen))

Lipstick ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
Liquid Lurex 
(Light yellow green with dazzle multipearl (Dazzle))

Lipstick ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
Pet Me Please 
(Frosted light dirty mauve (Frost))

Lipstick ($17.50 CDN/$14.50 US)
To Pamper 
(Creamy mid-tone taupe (Lustre))
Mineralize Blush ($25 CDN/$21 US)
The Soft Meow 
(Mid-tone golden bronze with soft pearl (Frost))

Pigment ($23.50 CDN/$19.50 US)
Antique Green
(Turquoise green with green pearl (Frost))
Pigment ($23.50 CDN/$19.50 US)
Gold Stroke
(High-frosted tarnished gold (Frost))

Plush Lash Mascara ($16.50 CDN/$14 US)
Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($21 CDN/$17.50 US)
Defiantly Feline
(Chocolate brown with soft pearl)

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($21 CDN/$17.50 US)
Treat Me Nice
(Emerald green with soft pearl)
Burmese Beauty Make-up Bag ($30 CDN/$25 US)
Felt cosmetic bag with faux leather trim

For the Burmese Beauty look, click here.

So what do you think? Does anything from this collection jump out at you? What do you think of the new superslick liners? 
Let us know what you want and what you're picking up!


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