Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beauty Squared One Year Anniversary!

Beauty Squared is one year old! To celebrate, Jill and Catherine wanted to share a bit more of our beauty philosophies and look back at the past year. We thought we'd interview each other. Read on!

1. What was your favourite colour collection in the last year?

Jill: My favourite colour collection was MAC's Style Black. The reason I picked this is was I felt MAC was really going back to it's makeup artist roots, which is all about pushing the envelope in terms of style, colour and technique. Style Black was very editorial and edgy, but MAC made it accessible to pedestrians. I wish MAC and other brands would turn out more collections like this – collections that inspire us to take risks and push our creativity.

Catherine: My favourite colour collection was MAC's Spring Colour Forecast. It introduced me to coral lipstick, something I'd never worn before and now love, and was so extensive there was something for everyone. I loved the Crush Metal Pigments as well - soooo pretty!

2. Describe your favourite look.

Jill: My favourite look is the neutral smoky eye – a smoky eye done with blackened shimmering taupes, greys or browns. Something that is still edgy but a little more day friendly than pure black. Paired with a lightly sculpted cheek and neutral glossy lip – this is a look that can make anyone look sexy and sophisticated.

Catherine: I'm a big fan of liquid eyeliner. It can look classic or edgy and can be "sex kitten" or "sophisticate" or "rock & roll" depending on the lip colour and other make-up you pair with the liner. Knowing you've got doe eyes can change your whole attitude and I love that it can be put on like a certain outfit that changes the way you feel.

3. What are your goals for the second year of B2?

Jill: My goals for the second year of B2 is simply to blog more, more, more! As a graduate student, I often find it difficult to find time to post (on top of feeding myself and sleeping). My time constraints are frustrating because there is no shortage of products to review, ideas to share and looks to create. I would also like to expand the breath of brands and products we cover at B2. I would also love to focus more on FOTD’s and tutorials.

Catherine: I hope to get B2 more balanced with more interesting posts. It's easy to rely on reviews and previews but I want to get more looks up and to create more posts that our readers are looking for. What do you want to see? Tell us!

4. What is your dream product (that dosen't already exist)?

Jill: I have two ultimate dream products – the first would a product that would prevent cystic acne (which I get time from time). I use the Zeno (the old model) which does help shorten the lifespan of pimples, but I would pay any amount of money for a product that truly stopped pimples before they start, something that could halt the inflammation. My second dream product would be something that could prevent or very quickly eliminate the resulting hyper pigmentation that often occurs in darker skins post-pimple. There are prescription creams that address this product such as hydroquinone – however they often take months to be effective.

Catherine: Hmm, dream product. I would LOVE something that made hair grow thicker. Mine is on the thin side and doesn't hold volume. I wish I had long, thick hair. I would also love something that could get rid of dark circles (that wasn't surgery) and also something that could keep oil at bay. Not remove it because it helps prevent wrinkles but keep it from melting away make-up and causing clogs in the pores.

5. What in your opinion, was the worst beauty trend in the last year?

Jill: This is isn’t really a “beauty” trend but more of a fashion/attitude trend. I think the worst thing I’ve seen beauty wise in the past year is the proliferation of the “bored/too cool for school” face. I’m not pointing fingers but certain people that follow certain fashion trends (I’m talking to you hipsters) have decided that it is imperative to look perpetually bored and unimpressed with life. I don’t care how cool you are dressed, or how beautiful you may be, a dour face brings everyone down. Especially when it’s worn in every context.

Catherine: I'm pretty sure that this extends beyond just the past year, but I think a lot of people wear too much badly-applied make-up. Many of the video tutorials on YouTube show a lot of creativity but nowhere near anything anyone could wear on a daily (or even nightly) basis. We have to wear make-up that suits our faces and allows us to express ourselves. Drama is fantastic sometimes but there's nothing more attractive than you shining through whatever is on your face. Keep it simple, sweetheart. 

Is there anything you'd like to know about us? Ask away! Is there anything you'd like to see on Beauty Squared? Tell us!  

C & J

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