Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TVAL Smink Eyeshadows: Sandy Cove, Dovekie, Barren and Missbehavin' Review and Swatches

TVAL is a Canadian company, based in St. John's, Newfoundland. They have a store in St. John's and their products are sold at on the Sears website and in gift shops (locations here). 

I recently picked up some of their skincare and make-up products as they come highly recommended to me. While the customer service left much to be desired at their Queen Street West, Toronto location, I am impressed with their products.

The TVAL eyeshadows I picked up:

Clockwise starting from top right: Dovekie, Missbehavin', Barren and Sandy Cove


Dovekie ingredients


Dovekie swatched
Dovekie goes on much cooler than it looks like it will, but I did swatch it heavily. You can see around the edges of the swatch that the warm brown-pink tone is still evident. These shadows, like most loose pigments go on quite sheerly, but there's room for playing. If you want soft and warm, apply sheerly and if you want to go multi-layered and cool, apply heavily.

Blue eyes look great with a sheer application of Dovekie and brown eyes would look great with either a sheer application or a heavier application.

Barren ingredients
Barren swatched (left), next to Dovekie

Barren is a cool khaki brown-green with sparkle. It also swatches sheerly and is a pretty, soft shade to wear alone or on top of a darker colour for colour and shimmer.

Sandy Cove
Sandy Cove ingredients
Sandy Cove
Sandy Cove swatched (left), next to Barren and Dovekie
Sandy Cove is a pretty warm, dusty copper-brown and when swatched heavily, lightens. Great for blue, green or warm brown eyes and easy to wear as a sheer wash on the eyes.

Missbehavin' ingredients
Missbehavin' swatched (left), next to Sandy Cove and Barren
I bet you didn't expect a purple swatch when you saw Missbehavin' in its container!

L-R: Missbehavin', Sandy Cove, Barren and Dovekie - dry swatches

L-R: Missbehavin', Sandy Cove, Barrie and Dovekie - swatched wet and allowed to dry
See how Sandy Cove looks different when applied wet? It's much whiter shade and see what happened when I wiped the brush on a damp cloth? That blue was the first thing to come out. 

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When I was wiping off the swatches from my arm, this was the residue left behind.

My favourite is Missbehavin'. The others are a bit on the chalky side for me although I like Sandy Cove when dry. TVAL eyeshadows are available at http://tvalskincare.com/home.php?cat=22

Have you tried TVAL eyeshadows before? What do you think? Did I just choose the wrong shades?



  1. Who served you at the store? Why was the service bad?

  2. I don't know the names of the people in the store but it was early on a Sunday afternoon that I was in and no one offered me or any of the other customers who came in any assistance. I do like to browse on my own, but I almost felt like I was intruding on them by being in the store. There was no offer to explain the store or the products and it was my first time there, so it would have been helpful. I was of course, assisted when I asked for it and I have no issue with the help I received but it would have been nice to have been asked if I needed any help prior to that point.