Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revlon Multi-Use Palette Review and Swatches

Revlon's Multi-Use Palette is a pocket-size palette of creams for eyes, cheeks and lips. It costs under $10 and the colours would work well for most skintones. Here's what Revlon has to say about it: This season, plush velvets and sophisticated suedes mingle with vivid pops of vibrant color in a fabulously fashionable winter wardrobe of luxurious textures and finishes.

The cheek colour (coral), highlighter colour (white) and two eye colours (red-brown and grey) are on the top level with the lip colour (red) in a sliding drawer below. 

The texture of all the colours is roughly the same. I swatched them using a damp brush on the inside of my arm. 

L-R: Highlighter, Cheek, Eye, Eye and Lip
Close-up of highlighter and cheek colour swatches.
Close-up of eye colours and lip colour.
This is an inexpensive palette and available where Revlon products are sold. The lip and cheek colours are interchangeable and the eye colour last when applied over an eye primer. All would act as a good base under powder products (eyeshadow, blush, highlighter).

The highlighter I find a bit heavy and too pigmented. Creams tend to apply sheer and having a highlighter with a white base included with stains and cream shadows is a bit of a hmmm? for me. It would be much prettier and more natural if it had been a fleshtone highlighter. It works well on light skintones but particularly on the browbone. On the cheeks it's too heavy. 

The verdict: not a bad little palette if you're looking for something inexpensive and easy to carry with you. 


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