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L'Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows: Burning Black, Flashback Silver and Purple Obsession Review and Swatches

L'Oreal Paris have an exciting new line of eyeshadows out for Autumn 2011. Beauty Squared was lucky to receive nine of the eleven shades to check out recently. 

What L'Oreal has to say about La Couleur Infallible eyeshadows: 

The future of eye shadow is here! La Couleur Infallible reinvents eye shadow with enhanced color intensity, a new velvety feel, and 24 hour long-lasting hold. Now you can experience colour that is heightened to its highest heights! This unstoppable waterproof shadow resists blinking, creases and rubbing!


Jill: These shadows have an unusual texture, a cross between a cream and pressed powder eye shadow. In the pot, the shadow is like a chunky loose shadow which has been halfway pressed. The texture is reminiscent of MAC's Solar Bits, albeit slightly less chunky, but it has the same strange simultaneously dry/moist texture. I notice when I drag my brush across the surface of these shadows, I have to work the brush across the surface a decent amount to pick up a good amount of product.  The product applies fairly smoothly to the eyelid, but because of the clingy texture of the shadow, it is best to apply these shadows in layers to build up the density. I found it easy to get a nice wash of colour with these, but a little more difficult to get a really heavy layer of shadow. 

Another thing worth mentioning about the Infalliable shadows is the predominance of frost textures. There is one shadow (which we were not sent) called Eternal Black, which is a matte black base with fine silver glitter embedded in it. Besides that one shadow, all other shades are frost.

Cath: The Infallible Couleur Eyeshadows have a texture that's partly pressed (likely more for ease of use that anything else) but also loose. The shadows stay where they are in their containers but I imagine if you held one upside down and shook it, you might get some fall out. When applying the product to your brush, the texture seems oddly damp, there is some rolling and balling of the shadow as you work your brush across the surface. As with most loose "pigment" shadows, application works best by pressing your brush onto your eyelid, rather than sweeping it. 

When I was swatching these on my arm for photos, I did have to apply the shadows in layers in order to get a decent swatch. They apply sheer, which is great if you want a wash of shimmery colour on your eyes but for a stronger application, you'll need to build it up. 

These being a drugstore brand product, it's to be expected that these are packed with shimmer. Some are more shimmer than colour. If you want to wear these with other shadows, rather than just in a wash, it may be challenging. These are VERY shimmery. 

Jill: I can't say I'm a huge fan of the packaging. Screw top pots are never as practical and easy as compacts or flip top lids. In addition to the annoying screw top lids, there is an equally fiddly little stopper that sits upon the shadow inside the pot. All that being said, I have to believe there is a logical reason for this specific type of packaging, as the very similar product, Armani's Eyes to Kill (comparison review coming soon!), has identical packaging. Of course, both brands are owned by L'Oreal!

One aspect of the packaging I do appreciate is the see through back, which allows you to quickly and easily identify the shadow you are reaching for.

Cath: I have issues with the packaging just like Jill does. The "top" of the containers are square and clear so you can see the product inside (handy for identifying which shade is which). It'd make sense that this side is up, but it's not. Access to the product is through the other side, where you'll find the label with the product name, barcode, etc, so really, what looks like the top is actually the bottom. Forget this, as I have done a few times and you get a bit of a scare, thinking you're opening the eyeshadow into your lap or the floor. Tsk, L'Oreal, your packaging is confusing. 

Also as Jill mentions, there's a little black stopper/plunger for keeping the product pressed into the container. This is handy for pushing down any product that's come loose during application. But if this product is so loose it needs a stopper, this makes the upside-down packaging even more annoying.

All this being said, the containers look different and sharp and if you see these in the store, you'll want to pick it up. It looks exciting for a drugstore brand. 


Jill: I recently gave Time Resist White a test drive to see if these shadows really live up to the 24 hour, waterproof and crease proof claims. I applied a medium wash of Time Resist White on top of my usual concealer and powder (I did not use eye shadow primer) at around 10:00 am. My day consisted of sitting in front of my computer, drawing, and a quick 25 minute run followed by a 2 hour bouldering session.

All in all I wore the shadow for at least 10 -11 hours, 2.5 of which hours included physical activity and sweating. I found the shadow wore quite well, I did not notice any substantial fading, although I did see a small amount of creasing on my eye lids. I should mention that, given my shallow eye creases, it is unusual that any shadow creases on me. Nevertheless, I don't think the amount of creasing I did see was a big deal - the shadows may be waterproof in the sense that if you get water thrown on your face they won't run off, but I don't think they are sweat/grease proof...but what cosmetic is?

Cath: I've worn Permanent Kaki as a wash of colour on my lids for approximately six hours on a humid, rainy evening on top of Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and didn't see any fading or creasing. I was impressed.

The ad (above) shows Claudia Schiffer being splashed with water in the face wearing what looks like Purple Obsession. Edgy for a drugstore brand, no? I haven't tried it myself but from what I've seen, the Couleur Infallible shadows are long-wearing.

Each post will feature three of the Couleur Infallible shadows we were sent. Scroll down for photos!

Burning Black

A rich purpley-red.

Flashback Silver

Silvery lavender.

Purple Obsession

Rich blue-purple.

L to R: Purple Obsession, Flashback Silver and Burning Black
Of all the colours we received from L'Oreal, I like these three the best and in combination? Gorgeous! - C

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J & C


  1. i love flashback silver, it looks like a cross between lavendar and silver on me.

  2. These are absolutely lovely. Thank you for the handy swatches of all 9 shades! If familiar with them, can you compare this Burning Black with something like Nars Night Fever or MAC Beauty Marked? I love shades like this but...I don't need more. lol Thanks!

  3. Hi Nora

    NARS Night Fever and MAC Beauty Marked are both similar shades (red shimmer in a black base), but I would say that both flash less red than L'Oreal's Burning Black. Burning Black is smoother and more cohesive as a colour. I find with the NARS or MAC shades the shimmer sits in a matte base and so never sticks or shows up as well as it should.

    I love colours like this too (shimmer in a black base), and think L'Oreal has done them quite well in this case.