Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pandora's Box Blush Review and Swatches

Pandora's Box is a Canadian cosmetics brand founded by Susan Kirsch, professional makeup artist and founder of Kirsch Cosmetic Studio in Toronto. The line is made up of "skin-tone friendly palettes and product that look great and last on youthful or mature skin."

Ebeauty.ca carries Pandora's Box products and they kindly sent me one of  Pandora's Box blushes to try out. The blush retails for $18 CDN and is available on the Pandora's Box website or on Ebeauty.ca.

Pandora's Box uses eco-friendly, refillable, retro-inspired packaging. The blush I received came with a little "belt" that hooks in front. This is disposable laminated cardboard but pretty and it adds to the look of the packaging. It's all a little too girly for my taste.

Underneath the belt is the blush palette, also made with laminated cardboard. There's a daisy-shaped window adorned with a plastic gem that shows you what's inside. 

Inside is the blush palette, with a little notch so you can remove it when it's empty. The palettes for the blushes are magnetized so they're completely refillable. 

The shade I received is Wine and described on the Pandora's Box website as a deeper pink for darker skin. Here it is swatched on my finger tip. Despite the fact this is apparently meant for darker skintones, it's still wearable on my skin. I found Wine to be quite sheer and in swatching it, I needed to do a few swipes to get a discernible amount of product. Even though this is recommended for darker skin, it's so sheer, it can be worn by most skintones.

See? Here's me wearing it. I applied it quite lightly with a full-bristled blush brush and got this effect. It's a sheer plum shade and gives me a sophisticated look. It's a good shade for fall but quite sheer for my liking.

I should note that while the eco-friendly cardboard packaging of Pandora's Box is admirable, it may not stand up well in a bathroom with humidity and excess moisture.

Pandora's Box also carries customizable, refillable 4x eyeshadow palettes which are worth a look.

Have you tried any Pandora's Box products?


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