Monday, October 3, 2011

MAC Fall Colour: Wild Colour Eye Shadows Review and Swatches


Just kidding. As you may know the above is the Cindy Sherman promotional image that goes along with MAC`s Fall Colour: Wild Colour story. The Wild Colour portion of the fall collection features 5 bold, colourful eye shadows. I have 4 of the 5 to review for you today*.

The 4 shades I am reviewing are all LE ($18.00 CA,15.00 US). The one permanent shade, Passionate, I don`t own in some incredible oversight on my part. All but Shock-A-Holic were purchased from the Fall Collection, which was purchased in an earlier launch. All photos on NC 40-45 skin, without flash.

From left, clockwise: Blue Candy, Royale, Three Ring Yellow and Shock-A-Holic

From left: Blue Candy, Royale, Three Ring Yellow and Shock-A-Holic

Blue Candy - A gorgeous, pigmented cyan blue with a mainly matte finish. MAC lists the finish as satin, probably on account of the small fine white shimmer in the matte base, but on the skin this shadow looks predominantly matte. Performs very well.

Royale - Another gorgeous matte, looks ultramarine blue in the pan, but on the skin turns a lovely blue-violet. Good colour payoff and very unique colour.

Three Ring Yellow - A veluxe pearl golden chartreuse with excellent colour payoff. Beautiful and rich.

Schock-A-Holic - The most troublesome of the four shadows. A grape coloured satin, with small fine red shimmer in the matte base. Applies fairly unevenly and has a stiff, dry texture.

General Thoughts

These shadows, with the exception of Shock-A-Holic, are all big winners in my book. I appreciate that these shades are well pigmented and nicely textured. I also appreciate that MAC is thinking a little outside the expected fall shade envelope of neutrals or jewel tones by putting out some brights. The inclusion of high quality matte shades is great too.

Stay tuned for dupes and comparisons!

*No scary clowns were harmed in the production of this review.



  1. I was originally wanting shock-a-holic but now I want Royale! thanks for the review and swatches, i think you just prevented me from buy the wrong eyeshadow!
    Grace xx

  2. Hey Grace

    Shock-A-Holic is ok, but Royale is much, much better!