Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beauty Squared Round-Up - June 17, 2012

Here are the beauty links we stumbled across on the wide wonderful web this week:

Mad Men finished its fifth season last week. Head makeup artist Lana Horochowski takes a look at the makeup looks of characters Megan, Peggy and Joan. 

Bulgarian fashion magazine has made some waves recently with a photo editorial featuring glamourously made-up models with injuries verging from slit throats to acid burns to black eyes. What do you think? Editorial or exploitative? Jezebel is definitely on the latter side, Refinery 29 is a bit more neutral.

Beware of shopping online for makeup. Counterfeiters are increasingly offering fakes of cult items like Urban Decay's NAKED palette on and other online sales sites. 

Sorry tan-a-holics, spray tanning might cause cancer too.

Elle's magazine's tips for summer skincare.

Three different gold eyeshadow looks - click through to see larger photos!

Beauty Squared is in love with this holographic top coat effect (here over butter LONDON's Trout Pout)!

Celebrity esthetician Kate Somerville has a quick, easy tip for banishing blemishes.

Researchers have found that your age, income, gender, political affirmation, emotional and other important personality traits can be identified by the shoes you wear.

Check out this high school student from Lethbridge, AB who made her own grad dress using pages of math homework.

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