Thursday, June 28, 2012

MAC Ruffian Lipsticks Review and Swatches

MAC's latest collaboration with the fashion designer duo of Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, aka Ruffian, has spawned three LE lipsticks ($17.50 CA/14.50 US). All photos taken with flash, swatches on NC 40 skin.

Ruffian Red, Ruffian Gold and Ruffian Naked

Ruffian Red - a matte finish, intense red orange with dense pigmentation and a luxuriously smooth, non drying texture. When released originally in 2009, this colour sold out instantaneously and achieved holy grail status among many a beauty junkie. Beyond gorgeous! A

Ruffian Gold - although listed as a frost finish, this lipstick is essentially the same formula as Dazzle lipsticks.  Basically a clear base loaded with bronzey gold sparkles, this lipstick is surprisingly wearable alone, it adds some definite glitz to the lips but due to the fineness of the shimmers it avoids disco ball territory. A great shade for layering. A-

Ruffian Naked - a matte finish pale pinky beige with a very strong white base. Great texture on this shade and very strong pigmentation, but due to it's paleness it might be hard to wear for anyone out of the very light to light skin tone range. B

Ruffian Gold over Ruffian Red and Ruffian Naked

For a very small capsule collection, I think the colours offered are generally good. Ruffian Red and Ruffian Gold both get A's from me. Ruffian Red fills a nice gap in my red collection, and although it leans orange I think any skin tone could wear it and look stunning. Ruffian Gold is a great colour to go with a summer tan, but a more interesting use for this lipstick is it's ability to light up other lip colours. I bet this lipstick would look amazing over a cool beige or cool purple. To include a pale nude lip in this collection is right on trend, but I wish they had done a less extreme pale nude lip and produced something more wearable than Ruffian Naked.


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