Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beauty Squared Round-Up - July 29, 2012

These are some of the links that caught our attention this week.

Sephora and Pantone are teaming up again but this time with a foundation matching system called Colour IQ.

Dragonette frontwoman and girl crush, Martina Sorbara is interviewed by MTV about her favourite things (style-wise). 

More and more makeup is incorporating suncare elements. The NY Times looks at some of the newest innovations.

Photos of Lush's new makeup collection!

A look back at some Olympic hairdos

Tips on keeping your eyeshadow from creasing from MTV Canada's Lucky.

The stunning and charming Christina Hendricks (girl crush!) takes Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown to some of her favourite vintage shops. 

Christine of shares her recent experience dealing with copyright infringement.

If you've seen AMC's Walking Dead, you know that one of the biggest stars of the show are it's makeup artists. AMC interviews it's key makeup artist and hair stylist here.

Check out these stunning before and after photos of drag queens.

Imagine what Jennifer Aniston and other celebs would look like as regular people and then click through to see these amazing photos.

Andrej Pejić is one of the world's top models. He blurs the line between male and female beauty with incredible ease and challenges our idea of beauty.

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