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Vichy Normaderm Total Mat Oil and Shine Control Fresh Hydrating Gel

Vichy's new Normaderm Total Mat Oil and Shine Control Fresh Hydrating Gel is a hydrating mattifier for skin that's naturally oily. It works to control oil as well as sweat for clean-feeling, matte skin that lasts all day. Vichy sent B2 this product for review.

According to Vichy this gel can withstand the effects of heat, humidity, stress, and intense physical effort. It also contains glycerine to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours and provides a matte, smooth, clean skin all day long. This product is suitable for sensitive skin and contains salicylic acid, a keratolytic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory active ingredient. It gently exfoliates for a more even skin tone.

A particular claim to note is that according to Vichy this product is anti-perspiration. It contains perlite, a volcanic molecule which can absorb more than three times its weight in water and encourages the evaporation of perspiration. 

Vichy Normaderm Total Mat Oil and Shine Control Fresh Hydrating Gel 
30 mL $27.95 CDN

Total Mat

Jill: I have a very oily t-zone and normal to dry cheeks, and have been using various mattifying products for over a decade now. My favourite is Clinique Pore Minimizer T-Zone Shine Control (discontinued a few years ago), and I will be using this product as a guideline for comparison. My daily routine is to use a mattifier after after my daily moisturizer (Lancome Beinfait Multi-Vital SPF 30) and before applying any makeup. I find that my skin will stay matte for a maximum of 3 hours in the summer (slightly longer in the winter, about 4 hours) before I have to use blotting sheets or powder to reduce shine.

I used Vichy's Normaderm Total Mat in two ways: first, I tested it as a moisturizer alone, and second I used it as I would a normal mattifier, after my usual moisturizer. Total Mat has a very light gel texture and a pleasant scent. On the skin it feels moist and fresh.

I found as a stand alone moisturizer, it performed well on my t-zone, but did not give me sufficient moisture on my cheeks. I did find it kept my t-zone matte for about 3-4 hours, but I did find my skin getting oily (as usual) after that.

As a mattifier over moisturizer I found it slightly less effective, only offering about 2-2.5 hours of shine control. I do wait about 5 minutes to let my moisturizer sink in, then I blot my skin with a tissue before applying any mattifying product. I found Total Mat did not work as effectively at controlling oil and shine as my standby Clinique T-Zone Shine Control. However, I did find that over my usual moisturizer my skin felt more hydrated throughout the day. 

I found the performance of this product satisfactory but not excellent. As someone with a very oily t-zone I need a product with stronger oil control properties. I am also a strong believer in sun protection, and as such I would not normally use a product like this on it's own without using a product with SPF. 

Grade: B


My skin is naturally oily in the t-zone and in the summer, I'm constantly shiny. I've learned to embrace "the glow" because there's no way possible I can fight it. I use primers to help keep my makeup from melting but I've never tried using a mattifier. I used the Total Mat Oil and Shine Control Fresh Hydrating Gel as a mattifier but since it claims to be hydrating, I applied it without moisturizer to test it. It didn't provide me with much moisture at all on either my t-zone or my cheeks. I figure the hydrating part of it is because many mattifiers can dry out the skin in a bad way, sucking up the sebum but also the natural moisture.

Total Mat felt fresh and smooth on my skin. Like Jill, I give my moisturizer time to absorb before I apply anything on top. I use Garnier BB cream as my moisturizer and because it has pigmentation to it, it's interesting to see how products I put on top, like primers and mattifiers, affect the texture and look. 

The Total Mat worked well on top of the BB, and instantly made my skin look less shiny. Not matte, entirely, but it certainly took away the shine from the BB. I used it on my t-zone and areas with large pores only and found that it kept my skin from melting my make-up quite well, depending on the day. On cooler, drier days, I saw very little shine and melting. On warmer days, I needed to blot less and saw much less shine.

Total Mat claims to be non-irritating for sensitive skin, and although I can't speak to that claim, I do question the strong fragrance. Sensitive skin often doesn't react well to strong fragrance so it's a fail on that count. 

But Total Mat Oil and Shine Control worked pretty well. I wouldn't say it kept my skin matte all day, but it did keep the oil and shine at bay for a few hours longer than without it. Perhaps on summer skin that's more natural than oily, it might have a better effect.

Grade: B

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  1. When applying the Normaderm Total mat, why would you wear it on top of your BB cream and not under ?