Friday, July 27, 2012

Vichy Laboratories Capital Soleil High Protection Body Oil SPF 30 Review

New this year in Vichy's Capital Soleil line is their high protection body oil. A body oil to "recruit the most reluctant to sun protection" with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and photostable Parsol 1789 designed to soothe and condition the skin to prevent moisture loss. It gives the skin a satin finish while protecting it. 

It comes in a 177 mL spray bottle and the recommended retail price is $29.95.


I was apprehensive to try this at first because in my experience all sunscreens end up greasy and tacky, so why would I want to start out with something made of oil in the first place? However, upon trying this I was pleasantly surprised, this product is light and non-tacky.

I have a medium skin tone which tans very easily but rarely burns. I tested this product on my body and neck during a few outdoor runs. Initially I thought wearing a body oil would be uncomfortable during exercise, but I found it's general texture no worse than that of a regular cream or lotion sunscreen even when things got sweaty. I also did not find this product rubbed off on my clothes, although I would exercise caution if wearing white or light coloured clothes.

I did find that the delivery method left something to be desired. Personally I don't like the idea of oil potentially spraying on my clothes or surrounding objects. Being a contact lens wearer, I also couldn't imagine spraying this on my neck or chest for fear I would get some on my lenses. I recommend spraying this in the palm of your hand and then rubbing it in.

One thing I do really love about this sunscreen is the sheen it leaves on your skin. While I don't think the product's orange tint actually imparts any extra colour, it certainly makes your skin look satiny and luscious, and that sheen will enhance any tan you do have. You could also take that sheen up a notch by mixing in some shimmery bronzer or pigment into the oil either directly in the bottle or in your hand right before you apply it.

Grade: A-


I have to admit that I've been carrying Capital Soleil High Protection Body Oil around with me because it's easy to pull out and apply. It's a light oil as opposed to a cream that really needs to be worked into the skin and can be very messy. Of course, any sunscreen needs to be rubbed into the skin so the spray bottle of Capital Soleil is for convenience more than application. 

It wasn't until after I'd been using Capital Soleil High Protection Body Oil that I realized it was basically a sunscreen for tanners. I've never been one to seek out the sun, so I've never used a tanning oil. So colour me surprised that I really enjoy the oil on my skin! It made me rethink the trust I had in it protecting my skin from the sun.  

The SPF is only 30 so if you burn easily, as I do, it's probably not enough for you (or you're reapplying constantly). Still, a little goes a long way and the oil component makes the skin look glowy and sexy. Unlike a cream sunscreen that can get white and streaky, this one is designed to make your skin look good AND protect it. 

Capital Soleil High Protection Body Oil has a light, silky consistency and a subtle smell that makes me think of warm skin and sunshine.

Grade: A

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