Wednesday, June 26, 2013

RiRi ♥ MAC Summer Lipsticks Review, Swatches and Photos

Originally I didn't plan on buying anything from the RiRi ♥ MAC collection. I had read Temptalia's review of the Hibiscus Kiss bronzer/blush duo, the only product that seemed appealing to me but it looked hopelessly orange toned in her photos so I decided to skip. However, the morning the collection launched I decided to try to pick up the three LE lipsticks just for the hell of I wanted to order some of the Veluxe Pearlfusion quads and needed to spend a little bit more to qualify for free shipping.

After about five hours of on and off trying (in between cleaning the house) I was FINALLY allowed to check out with all but one of the lipsticks. Actually, the website allowed me to put all three in my basket right away, but then the website kept crashing when I tried to REMOVE some unwanted items in my basket from a previous visit. Annoying wouldn't even begin to describe the least my house got cleaned in the meantime!

But I digress, I have RiRi Woo and RiRi Boy for your consideration. Photos in natural light, NC 40 skin.

RiRi Woo and RiRi Boy

Both lipsticks are described as having a "retro matte" finish, and both are definitely strongly matte in texture. I suggest priming lips with a good lip balm and letting the balm set in for at least five minutes before applying these lipsticks. A matte, waxy balm like Blistex is good blotted on top of the lipstick if you find the matte texture a bit too dry as I frequently do.

RiRi Woo is a variant on the classic Ruby Woo and is described as a "matte cool red". The description is apt, and RiRi Woo definitely conjures up 1940's glamour. It's gorgeous and classic!

RiRi Boy is described as "matte vivid lavender". I would describe it as a berry toned mauve - it looks much pinker in person than it does in the photo and on my skin at least, retains a certain duskiness that other "lavenders" like Lavender Whip don't have.

Overall these lipsticks wear well and are extremely pigmented. The texture is tougher to wear than Satins or Amplified Cremes, but they deliver on what they promise.

Grade: A

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