Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Stained Glosses in Meta and Jealous: Review, Photos and Swatches

A friend picked me up two of the brand new OCC Stained Glosses in New York last week. I had asked her to get me Meta and Jealous and she did. Little did I know how identical they'd look, in the tubes at least! I'm glad they're labelled. 

The Stained Glosses are a gloss version of OCC's Lip Tars. From the OCC website:

OCC's Lip Tar: Stained Gloss™ is our newest texture option from the Lip Tar™ range, combining the hyper-opacity of Lip Tar™ with a casual glossy finish that's ready-to-wear from its first slick application to the high impact stain it leaves behind. Lip Tar: Stained Gloss™ can be worn alone or layered over your favorite existing shades for added depth, dimension and a glossy finish that lasts!

"OCC Fans have been asking to see a new take on Lip Tar™ that remains true to our pigment-potency heritage, while providing a more see-through, glossy look," says David Klasfeld, CEO and Creative Director, "We took our inspiration from stained glass windows and lighting gels. Transparent yet concentrated colour that no one would dare call sheer."

The Stained Glosses come in the same packaging as the Lip Tars - small plastic resealable  bags with an information card and a small brush for application. Very smart considering the the tricky application of both the Lip Tars and the Stained Glosses and it makes it easy to carry them around with you in your purse or even your pocket. 

Like the Lip Tars, the Stained Glosses have a liquid, highly pigmented texture and a mint scent. Unlike the Lip Tars, however, the Stained Glosses are sheer, translucent. 
Top: Anime Lip Tar
Bottom L to R: Jealous and Meta Stained Glosses

First up, let's look at Meta. 

Information card explaining how to apply the Stained Gloss.
Meta Stained Gloss is described by OCC as red orange shellac. It definitely reads more pink once on, though (photos below). 

Here is Meta on me. I'd say it reads more watermelony than red-orange. 

And here's Jealous. OCC describes it as popsicle pink/red. It's definitely more pink than Meta, a cooler pink. 

I even tried applying Meta to my top lip and Jealous to my bottom lip but I still couldn't discern any real difference between the two. That's how close they are in colour. 

The bright colours of both of these shades is fantastic. If you like bright colours, these are a fantastic. I can't get over the look of these. They almost glow. 

The Stained Glosses are a bit challenging to apply. You definitely need a mirror and a lip brush and some time. Unlike other glosses, which often you can just swipe on without a mirror, these take some time and attention due to the pigment. 

I like the consistency and definitely the appearance - the delicate glossy sheen of these is in contrast with the intense pigmentation. These are slightly easier to wear than the Lip Tars, as they are lighter in both appearance and in feel. 

You only need a tiny amount of product, but you need a little more than the Lip Tars. I found that with the Stained Glosses, the pigmentation easily got patchy when I blended it across my lips, so I needed to add more to make it even. 

I really like these, though I wish they were easier to apply and wear. These wear OK, though they do come off more easily than the Lip Tars, being slicker in consistency. The pigment leaves a residue behind once the glossiness wears off, so it's not like eating off your lipstick. 

Grade: B+

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