Thursday, July 4, 2013

Butter London Fishwife Review, Swatches and Photos

On my recent trip to NYC with Catherine, we both scooped up some Butter London polishes at Ricky's as they had some hard to find colours and were cheaper down there. So imagine my delight when a few weeks ago Butter London had their Friends & Family event! 

Before we proceed I have to give props to Butter London for a few customer service related things: 1) they actually have a website devoted to selling and shipping in Canada and 2) they offered the 30% discount to their Canadian customers. In this day and age of e-commerce there are still way too many beauty companies that only sell and ship to the US, or charge an unaffordable amount to ship to Canada (i.e: Bergdorf Goodman, Giorgio Armani, Urban Decay etc.)...don't they read our north of the border blogs? We are just as beauty obsessed as our south of the border cousins!

Ok rant let's look at one of a set of  polishes I ordered from Butter London.

Butter London Posh Bird and Fishwife

This post is a review for Fishwife, part of a duo set of polishes available exclusively online ($30.00 CA). Fishwife is a pale blue holo polish,with an incredibly fine holo particle. The holo effect on this polish is on the subtler side due to the fineness of the glitter. I rather like that this doesn't necessarily scream "HOLO!!!" because disco ball, retina burning nail colours are not for everyday. You could wear Fishwife to the office or club. It's that pretty and versatile.

 It's important to note that I had some difficulty capturing Fishwife's beautiful, pale blue, almost aqua colour in photographs - but I hope you can tell it's not a typical straight up silver holo. The formula on this (as on many holo polishes) was on the sheer side, but I found if I did two thicker coats, where I let the polish pool a bit more on the nail, I got complete coverage. I did find it pulled a bit in some areas but only if I didn't let the polish pool before I brushed it on. More research on the interwebs indicates if you buff your nails then apply a holo polish (sans regular basecoat), or if you use a specific aqua basecoat for holos you get better and more reliable applications.

Butter London Fishwife

I like this polish - it makes me think of icicles, glaciers and yes, the shimmery scales of a fish. This duo can be found here,Review of Posh Bird to follow.

Grade: A

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