Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night: Review and Photos

Beauty Squared was recently sent some of Philosophy's new Hope in a Jar Night for review. It's an intense retexturizing moisturizer that features an innovative qusome delivery system that enhances efficacy, while limiting the potential for irritation. According to Philosophy, skin is noticeably smoother, lines are visibly softened, a rosy glow is restored and results continue to improve with nightly use. 

$48/2 oz

Some photos...

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This cream has a very thick, almost sticky consistency and a noticeable, but pleasant lavender based scent. On the skin it absorbs fairly quickly and leaves your skin feeling cushioned and protected.

For the first few days of testing this, I used it without my usual night time treatment (Differin 3X Gel), because exfoliating and resurfacing creams can interact with Differin (an exfoliant) and potentially cause peeling. Used alone I found that this cream did improve the texture and brightness of my skin. My one complaint was this product did not leave my skin feeling well moisturized in the morning. Compared to the night cream I was using before I began testing Hope in a Jar Night, my skin was noticeably drier and tighter feeling upon waking. When used on top of Differin 3X Gel, my skin did peel slightly at the corner of my mouth and high on my temples. This indicates to me that this cream does in fact exfoliate as it claims.

All in all I liked this cream - I liked the thick, somewhat sticky texture, the scent and the way it made my skin look fresher and brighter in the morning. The only flaw for me is that it did not hydrate my skin as much as I would like.

Grade: A-


I've been a fan of Philosophy products for a few years. Their products are very good, although on the pricier side. If you can afford them, I recommend them.

Hope in a Jar Night has a thick consistency, almost paste-like (but much more pleasant). It's pleasant to massage into the skin, because it really feels like it's getting in to my pores. Despite it being a night cream, this does not sit on my skin. It really absorbs quickly and my skin feels soft and supple shortly after applying it.

My skin feels the same way in the morning, soft and supple. The product is still there and I can feel it come off when I wash my face. I notice a definite change in my skin after using this product for a few nights. It's smoother and more even-toned. I don't feel like I need to exfoliate as much. It has brought forward a few small pimples, which can be expected to happen with anything that renews the skin such as this type of moisturizer. 

It should be noted (and the packaging does) that this is a night cream only. The ingredients make skin more sensitive to sun damage and so, this should not be worn as a day cream. Everyone should wear a sunscreen during the day but especially if you're using this cream or any resurfacing, retexturizing cream.

I have no complaints about this product. It does what it claims to - gives you smoother, softer, renewed skin. It's not heavy, overly fragranced or greasy.

Grade: A

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