Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beauty Squared Round-Up - February 9, 2014

Hello lovelies, it's Sunday once again and that means it's time to share with you our weekly round-up of links. Let's not hesitate!

  • It's Valentine's Day next weekend and that means we're being inundated with jewellery ads and restaurant options and "single gal's guide to surviving Valentine's Day" lists. It also means tips on how to dress and do your makeup for Valentine's Day - dreamy, soft and pretty tutorials abound! Here are Fashion Magazine's Beauty Panel's beauty looks for Valentine's Day.
  • On Beautylish, Krista Burton has an anti-Valentine's Day idea. She took all of the old jewellery given to her by old boyfriends/girlfriends/lovers and pawned them. With the cash she got for them, she bought makeup!
  • Three pretty, candy-coloured, pastel nail polishes from Deborah Lippman for Spring 2014.
  • I saw this and thought, but I do this all the time, so of course it's wearable. (Bold lips and strong brows).
  • Organic skincare maker, Tata Harper talks to Allure Magazine about love, skincare and the best natural deodorant.
  • Do you love nude lips? Check out Maybelline's Colour Sensation The Buff's Collection, reviewed here by Kelly of the Glitter Diaries. Inexpensive, readily available and gorgeous!
  • Do you wear makeup to work? Canadian fashion personality Jeanne Beker talks about whether you should or shouldn't.
  • The head makeup artist of Girls (HBO) talks about the looks of the characters on the show, and how makeup expresses personality, whether you're talking about a fictional character or a real person.
  • This past week, Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle was featured in a Flare Magazine article about her new book (Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story) and her work over the past few years covering Toronto City Hall and mayor Rob Ford. In the photo that was taken to accompany the article, Robyn is dressed in a chic (office-appropriate) dress, black heels and is wearing makeup, most notably red lipstick. She looks fantastic. When the article went live online, Robyn was criticized for her appearance, for allowing herself to be photographed in fashionable clothes and having her hair and makeup done by professionals. As if she cannot be respected for her work because she's attractive. As if by dressing up and looking glamourous, we cannot take her seriously as a journalist and an authour. As if by wearing red lipstick, she's demeaning her intelligence and her feminism. 
    • This is a good response to those critics, and features Robyn's tweet in response to the emails she has received criticizing the photo.
    • Blogger Ariell G. wrote about red lipstick and anti-feminism in Fall 2013, long before Robyn Doolittle got made up for a photo shoot for a fashion magazine and it's well worth a read. 

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