Monday, February 17, 2014

MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Pigments: Lily-White and Chartreuse Bouquet Review and Swatches

I have still have quite a few pieces from MAC`s Floral Fantasy to share with you! Today I`m reviewing the two LE pigments Lily-White (repromote) and Chartreuse Bouquet ($25.00 CA/$21.00 US.) All photos taken in natural light on NC 35 skin.

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Pigments: Lily-White and Chartreuse Bouquet

Lily-White (dry/wet) and Chartreuse Bouquet (dry/wet)

Lily-White - This launches version of Lily-White is a pale, shimmery yellow with a smooth frost finish. It looks more saturated in the pot, but does apply to the skin with a slightly warm overtone. It's a nice highlighter colour for eyes, but I can also see it working on the high cheekbones or dusted on top of a matte blusher. It reminds me of MAC Nylon eye shadow but with a softer and less aggressively frosty finish. Applied dry it's sheer and opaque when applied wet. Suitable for all skin tones but as a colour not very original.

Chartreuse Bouquet - Is a bright medium yellow-green soft frost with a sprinkling of gold micro glitter. Applied dry the pigment is vibrant but slightly sheer and the micro glitter is not obvious. Applied wet the colour becomes opaque, gloriously bright and the micro glitter sparkles nicely. I think it's one of the better versions of chartreuse I've seen in a powder product.

Grades: Lily-White, B+
                Chartreuse Bouquet, A

As mentioned previously, Lily-White is a repromoted shade, although as any hard-core MAC user will already know this launches version differs greatly to the original Lily-White pigment. I own a mini vial of a previous release of Lily-White (from the Holiday 2007 Warm Pigment set) and offer this comparison.

Fantasy of Flowers Lily-White and Lily-White from Holiday 2007

Lily-White Holiday 2007 (dry/wet) and Lily-White Fantasy of Flowers 2014 (dry/wet)

You can see from the product shot that the two shades are totally dissimilar. Lily-White 2014 has a yellow tone and Lily-White 2007 a pink tone. This difference is as noticeable on the skin as in the packaging, with Lily-White 2007 casting a pinky-grey, almost mauve tone on my skin. Closer inspection also reveals that the textures of the two pigments are not the same either. Lily-White 2014 has a finely milled frost finish while Lily-White 2007 has an almost chunky/flaky frost finish which does not adhere as easily to the skin.

So which is better? I think the answer to that question really depends on what type of colour you want. Lily-White 2014 is definitely smoother in texture and more natural in tone, but Lily-White 2007 is a higher impact frost that will add more drama. In the end I don't think they are comparable because they are completely different colours, so buy or do not buy based on what you want. I know many bloggers have criticized MAC for the large oversight and I would agree that MAC should have come up with a new name for Lily-White 2014 as it is a new and completely different shade.


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